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Cell Phone Interrupt Database

like the Internet License Plate Database
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To make people who forget to turn their cell phones off in movie theaters, accountable. This idea would require personal license plates for people. Or maybe just require that cell phone rings be a voicing of the name and National ID number of the person who owns the cell phone. That way when a cell phone rings in a public place, anyone who was interrupted can record their inconvenience at the centralized cell phone interrupt database.
JesusHChrist, Oct 09 2006

Internet License Plate Database http://ilpdb.com/
[JesusHChrist, Oct 09 2006]


       I am confused.. are we talking about cell phones, license plates, or the internet?
Jscotty, Oct 09 2006

       [Programs phone with JHC's name and ID, and tests the volume repeatedly in the nearest theater.]
DrCurry, Oct 09 2006

       [-] Opressive, controlling.
webfishrune, Oct 11 2006

       You mean, like everyone gets to have his mobile phone number tattoed across his forehead?
neelandan, Oct 11 2006

       Ian, ssh. Everyone knows we Brits are American, with national ID numbers and all that goes with it; Tony's just not formally announced it yet.
david_scothern, Oct 12 2006

       I don't think there is any more need to control cell phone ringing than there is for farting. Or everyone ought be forced to fart their ID number in morse code or something.
Ling, Oct 12 2006


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