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Alpine Cigarettes

The healthy alternative
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Light up and inhale the clean air and fresh aroma of a Swiss mountainside. Packed full of carefully selected herbs, flowers and grasses freshly harvested from the slopes of the Jungfrau. Give your lungs a breather!
tretchikoff, Jul 14 2000


       A different spin...maybe somebody can figure out a protective way to pack seeds into cigarettes -- at least then, when smokers toss their butts everywhere, vegetations/gardens/forests are bound to follow...
JT, Jul 15 2000

       Natural American Spirit POB 25140 Santa Fe NM 87504. They make an herbal cigarette that's not bad at all, as long as you don't chain smoke. 1-800-332-5595 for local vendors.
Scott_D, Aug 11 2000

       Wouldn't that be "light up and inhale the clean air and fresh aroma of a Swiss mountanside *on fire*"?   

       Seriously, why would you use this over similarly-scented incense? Oral fixation? The feel of particles of imperfectly combusted hydrocarbon in your respiratory system? Or did I read this wrong, and the nicotine is still in there?
bookworm, Aug 11 2000

       Is it just me or is smoking the antithesis of clean fresh mountain air... if your lungs need a breather... go for a walk.
Yrema, Aug 08 2001

       And could you also make apline cigarette patches? I would like to feel like i'm up high in the mountains even at the office.
sh4linux, Aug 21 2001

       OK, this is an older post, but here's an example of Reality catching up to Halfbakery. Alpine is a brand Seneca Smokes has marketed (yes, the same company that continues to bring us American Spirit cancer sticks). Very humorous...
danrue, Oct 07 2004

       Alpine in Australia is just a menthol--cheap like Kools in america. I smoked them, and I am neither Gay nor a teen female----but maybe that explains some of the looks I got...
rmtmaine, Jan 07 2005

       Why, what do your looks look like?
bristolz, Jan 07 2005


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