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Gobstopper Cigarette

A rainbow of smoky flavored pleasure!
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Flavored ciggies are the big new thing. Menthol has been around for a long time, and there have always been flavored pipe smokes, but now there are a bunch of yummy new cig flavores like cheesecake, rumball, hoosier, guava etc (link).

I propose that these flavors all be incorporated into one cigarette, in layers. Thus one drag might move you from kiwi to hamhock and the start of butterscotch, then with the next you get a big butterscotch right on into tigercage. The sequence and flavors would not be the same in every ciggy in the pack. There could be a "warning track" that tasted like burnt filter, right before you run out of tobacco and start smoking the filter.

Each flavor would also be available solo (including burnt filter) for those who ran across a tantalizing taste and wanted the pure experience. But there would be no key on the cigs what flavors exactly were inside. You would have to guess, then buy a pack to try out. Folks at redstate bars where smoking is still allowed would have something else to tak about as they try to describe what their ciggy is tasting like at that very second.

bungston, Dec 13 2004

Flavored cigs http://www.npr.org/...4845&sourceCode=RSS
[bungston, Dec 13 2004]

Everlasting Gobstoppers http://www.wholesal...0034069_Resized.jpg
Jawbreaker candy with concentric flavored rings. Mmmm concentric! [bungston, Dec 13 2004]




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