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Cigs that look and smell like marjuana

Try smokeing one at the foodcourt in a large mall.
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Best when used with the eyedrops that make you eyes look bloodshot.
Dreaming _Knight, Sep 07 2000

Something like this? http://www.ecstacym...stacycigarettes.htm
[key-aero, Sep 07 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Baked: Bidi Cigarettes http://www.azadbidi.com/
Another fine product from the Indian subcontinent [protean, Sep 07 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

God only knows what *these* would smell like. http://www.nytimes....LOV.html?0903inside
'A taste of banana mixed with cheese and sugar sauce together with chocolate, all toasted together,' he said, still breathless when he thinks about it. 'That's the flavor that came to me — Bam! — sweet, nutty, caramelic, fruity, everything!'
Eeew! I mean, eeew! [angel, Sep 07 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       These would be banned incredibly quickly in the U.S.
bookworm, Sep 07 2000

       Banning faux joints makes about as much sense as making the real units illegal!
WW, Sep 07 2000

       I would rather have doobies that look and smell like tobacco cigarettes. Now, THAT would be useful.
mrthingy, Sep 07 2000

       I believe something similar to either of those ideas is possible... there are all sorts of things you can do to ciggy's.
bear, Sep 08 2000

       I like this idea on several levels.   

       First of all, in my opinion cigarettes are the nastiest-smelling smokable product on the market. Even a bad cigar bothers me less, and marijuana has a half-decent sweet herbal smell.   

       Second, this would so overload the police with dealing with minor users (a good chemical test or subsequent blood test would prove innocence but not until a lot of police time was wasted) that they would have to stop worrying about nonviolent misdemeanor possession and more about murder, rape, burglary and grand theft auto.   

       Third, it takes me back to the days when I would drink orange juice out of an empty Absolut bottle after school. After getting busted thirty times, the school figured I was just doing it to yank their chain and stopped hassling me, whereupon I could freely end a tough day with a screwdriver if I was in the mood. Stupid in retrospect, but you didn't go to my high school.
Uncle Nutsy, Sep 08 2000

       Nutsty: "It's a bit childish and stupid, but then so is high school." - F. Beuller
centauri, Sep 08 2000

       I guess if you like run-ins with the law and spending lots of time explaining yourself to authorities.   

       Why not have a bra for your car that reflects the police radar back to make it look like you were speeding?
blahginger, Sep 09 2000

       There are radar spoofers that actually tell the radar whatever speed you want it to, like set it for 55 and do 120 and the radar still says 55. Can also get radar killers, but cops get soggy and hard to light when you do this...
StarChaser, Sep 09 2000

       Actually in the 80s I used to roll my own cigarettes, a habit that I picked up in England. You hardly ever see people doing that in the US, so everyone in my office thought (briefly) that I was smoking pot. They must have figured it out pretty quickly, or else secretly admired me, since no one ever called me on it. The down side- besides smoking unfiltered cigarettes in the first place- is that I had horrible yellow stains on my fingers.
kimby2, Sep 11 2000

       Does anyone here smoke Marlboro? The reds (boxed) often have one or two cigarettes that smell amazingly like marijuana. It's only the reds that have this quality (I've smoked every version they have). I'd be interested if anyone has ever tested them for THC being present?
Reverend D, Jun 02 2001

       ummmm....they already make these.
DymDym, Jun 25 2001

       malboro reds smell like pot when you first light them up. but after a few seconds they smell like a sigg. I found this out at work when I thought this dude was lighting up weed in the back on a regular basis (and not sharing) but he explained to me about malboros,   

Yrema, Aug 08 2001

       There was a brand in Oz called Ecstacy, that claimed precisely this, but frankly, why? You don't see them anymore. (Baked?)
key-aero, Aug 08 2001

       Nutsy: i like your 2nd and 3rd reasons. heh. especially the 2nd one.   

       my problem with this is..what's the point? mrthingy's suggestion is GREAT. i could really use that. but i already smoke pot in public places, i just take the time to empty out winstons and put in the ganja. (yes i have lots of free time on my hands). no one here has a problem with kids who smoke, though, so i guess it's really not a huge issue. but getting baked in public is somewhat of a rush.   

       i still don't get the point of this...
xunshin, Aug 08 2001

       that's because you're mashed, xunshin.
lewisgirl, Aug 08 2001

       You could take this idea further and start hanging suspiciously around your own house, wearing dark clothes and a pair of Nike. Maybe shimmying up a drainpipe every so often, or breaking a window.
lostkidstent, Aug 08 2001

       Having always had fairly scruffy dress-sense and a penchant for long overcoats, I've found that security guards often follow me about in shops. Eventually I found that the way to combat this is simply to move closer to them while still *suspiciously* browsing. As you get too close, he'll move back unconsciously because he wants to maintain his personal body space and - if you're subtle about it - you can actually chase him all round the shop. It's a dumb game, but it's quite satisfying when you're feeling a bit peeved at the automatic suspicion.   

       Anyhoo. I can see the principle here, but it's getting easier and easier to toke outdoors these days, anyway, so I'm not sure that this is really required. And, hell, if I was smoking something that looks and smells like hash, I'd probably just end up going "Sod it. I want the real thing.", and toddling off home to get wasted. And it's so hard to procrastinate properly when you're stoned; you don't put nearly as much effort into it.
Guy Fox, Aug 08 2001

       lmao at blahginger
cs_baller, Aug 09 2001

       yes. the best part would be giving them to newbies and/or assholes and then getting all your friends to pretend to be high so you can watch the target go "whoa, dude, i'm so high!" just to try and fit in.   

       it would also make for excellent variations on three-card-monte. guaranteed to break the ice at parties.   

       also, you could get a dog to smoke one, and then people would go "oh my god, i can't believe you're getting that dog high!" and you would be like "no, it's dumb to get a dog high. i'm giving it cancer."
subgenius, Jul 05 2002


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