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Aluminium foil cat suit

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A suit necessary for containing milk bottles.

Shielding twice feral escutcheon.


In essence a ventilated, layered, safety suit with two shields bearing the insignia of a fierce feline strapped to either side.The suit is complimented with a series of protruding rubber tipped thimble nipples attached to a run of internal milk bottles.

Feral cats may approach the suit (with catmaid inside)thus proceeding to quench their thirst and feed.

skinflaps, Oct 25 2004

a example http://etc.usf.edu/...97/cat_16997_th.gif
[skinflaps, Oct 25 2004, last modified Mar 26 2007]

Being There, the movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0078841/
[NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 28 2006]


       [skinflaps] - this is not one of your better articulated ideas. I went to the link in the hope that all would be explained and now I'm more confused than I was before.
wagster, Oct 25 2004

       I thought this was a foil catsuit for...cats. they would love the feel, crinklyness of foil. then I thought it was a cat-proof milk bottle cover and then I thought...I need a lie down.
po, Oct 25 2004

       Is this for saving one in the fridge? Do cats go bad? Note: always remove foil before microwaving.
Worldgineer, Oct 25 2004

       No offense intended, but this sounds like something a well-inibriated 'baker might pen. I'm with [wags].
absterge, Oct 25 2004

       Skin drink? Surely you must be joking. Why he's as sober as a pastor on a Sunday morning...(Just realized that sounds like, "skin drink", and can only hope benfrost doesn't get any wierdo ideas...)
blissmiss, Oct 25 2004

       is [skinflaps] alright d'y'a think?
neilp, Oct 26 2004

       At first I was wondering what the hell [skinflaps] was talking about. Then I read [bliss]'s "skin drink" and now I'm imaging all sorts of interesting things.   

       Oh, and about pastors being sober on Sunday mornings--that's an urban legend.
Machiavelli, Oct 26 2004

5th Earth, Oct 26 2004

       I think it's a dual-layered milk bottle "suit", made from aluminium foil, with a heraldic feral cat on the front. As such, I like [+].
DocBrown, Oct 26 2004

       Perhaps someone should ask [skinflaps] if he remembers posting this?
david_scothern, Oct 26 2004

       [skinflaps] do you remember posting this?
scubadooper, Oct 26 2004

       Weren't foil cat suits baked by 'Earth, wind and fire?'
etherman, Oct 26 2004

       "Damn, foiled again. Only seven lives left."
FarmerJohn, Oct 27 2004

       [skinflaps] do they come with reinforced tops to foil the tits as well?
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 27 2004

       I hear that foil cat suits are the new plaid.   

       skinflaps is dead... long live freerunner ???
dentworth, Oct 27 2004

       You're right... how the heck did he do that?   

       I'd love to know what [freerunner] has to say about it, I must admit.
david_scothern, Oct 27 2004

       That has to be bakesperson supported I'd say.
wagster, Oct 30 2004

       happy rebirthday, freerunner! (I didn't know what you were talking about before seeing this)
po, Oct 30 2004

       [po] - if you know what he's talking about, could you please enlighten the rest of us?
wagster, Oct 31 2004

       nope, sorry. I was talking about his new account.
po, Oct 31 2004

       Is this for the paranoid cats? So that the government can't monitor their thoughts?
gabe, Nov 01 2004

       Can I have an isomorphic one?
Detly, Nov 01 2004

       How'd he do that? Mine could use a good shortening.
lintkeeper2, Nov 01 2004

       you'd better start running now, mate.
po, Nov 02 2004

       heh, ties laces and pulls starter motor cord.
skinflaps, Nov 02 2004

       ...and back to [skinflaps]. What on earth are you up to?
david_scothern, Dec 22 2004

       Apologies david.   

       To answer your question, I havn't got a clue.
skinflaps, Dec 22 2004

       No need to apologise, just curious as to the oscillating (vaccillating?) name...
david_scothern, Dec 22 2004

       I'm still wondering what the idea is all about.
wagster, Dec 22 2004

       I believe this is, as [po] & [DocBrown] point out, a protective suit for milk bottles to stop the cats getting at them. The confusion comes, I guess, from the last line in combination with the link. My diagnosis is that [Skinflaps] is playing around with the meaning of the word 'escutcheon' which can mean both   

       1. [n] a shield; especially one displaying a coat of arms   

       2. [n] a flat protective covering (on a door or wall etc) to prevent soiling by dirty fingers.   

       the dirty fingers in this case being those of a cat.   

       <turns triumphantly to the jury>   

stupop, Dec 22 2004

       Nice sleuthing [stupop]! The jury may now retire to reach their verdict of whether [skinflaps] was a) completely trousered when he wrote this, or b) being far smarter than we gave him credit for, or c) both.
wagster, Dec 22 2004

       The plot thickens. I've also just noticed the category this is in.
stupop, Dec 22 2004

       This isn't [benfrost] we're dealing with, it isn't necessarily about pussy.
wagster, Dec 22 2004

       The suit ran dry of milk.
skinflaps, Mar 28 2006

       This whole thing brings to mind 'Being There' with Peter Sellers
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 28 2006

       I vote we keep it. No reason really, I just kind of like it.
wagster, Mar 28 2006

       Make a copy for your own archives and link to it from your profile page?
jutta, Mar 28 2006

       Done. <firm handshake>
wagster, Mar 28 2006

       What's done?   

       Sheesh, this is like putting something to sleep :(
skinflaps, Mar 28 2006

       I think it would lose a lot in translation to something that made sense.
wagster, Mar 28 2006

       Why not? Save the suit and anno's I say.   

       (apologies for confusion)   

skinflaps, Mar 28 2006

       I liked the idea better in its original description. It gave me hope.
methinksnot, Mar 28 2006

       //they would love the feel, crinklyness of foil//... Actually, [po], I don't think that they would. One of best ways to keep cats off of a counter is to spread foil on it. They hate that for some reason.   

       Oh, [+] for having the guts to try to wrap a cat up in anything.
zigness, Mar 29 2006

       I bought a very expensive crinkly play tunnel for my cats and actually, zigness you probably have a point, I don't think either of them have been within ten feet of it...   

       funny, though - they do all love newspaper.
po, Mar 29 2006

       //Oh, [+] for having the guts to try to wrap a cat up in anything.// - Who said the suit was for a cat?
wagster, Mar 29 2006

       It's a fine idea, I think, so I should bun it. Though I'm not entirely sure what I have read.
shapu, Mar 29 2006

       Something to do with feline reflections, I suppose.
skinflaps, Mar 30 2006

       okay thats cool! our cat bram would need one of them same whith our cat spock
crash, Mar 24 2007

       Just noticed... fashion: pants: storage?
wagster, Mar 24 2007

       On further examination, I think it's some sort of armored suit, filled with milk, and featuring nipples, which the wearer can then use to suckle cats.   

       I'm not sure how I feel about that.
5th Earth, Mar 25 2007


skinflaps, Jul 11 2007


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