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Note pants for the forgetful engineer
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I have forgotten far more information in my life than I've remembered. Much thought has gone into a portable note taking device that doesn't require carrying extra stuff. Electronic devices get you part of the way there, but they are inconvenient or too large to carry everywhere.

Enter the doodlepants. These are simply light colored slacks, with a belt. The belt buckle hides a felt-tip pen that uses a washable ink.

The beauty of this system is that no matter where you are, you are likely wearing pants*. Also, these notes are not only easily accessible, but are hard not to notice. It will become much more difficult to forget to run by the market for milk when "run by the market for milk" is written on your pants.

* skirt option available for those that prefer such fashions

Worldgineer, Dec 20 2004

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       I'm going to start doing this right away. Also, I'm going to need a pants-scanner.
tiromancer, Dec 20 2004

       Shoot, I wrote something on my butt and now I can't remember. Um, excuse me, Miss?
phundug, Dec 20 2004

       [FJ] Heh. An engineer in a whiteboard lab coat. That's just silly. Besides:
1. You need rely on someone else wearing one. I certainly wouldn't remember to buy milk if it's on my back, or someone else's back, unless that person was driving home with me and looking out the window.
2. Whitebord surface is fine for temporary notes, especially if you stand all day. My notes would constantly be lost, and my chair would start taking on strange colors.
3. How do you write on your own back?
4. No pen.
5. I certainly wouldn't wear a lab coat everywhere - what if it gets hot?
Worldgineer, Dec 20 2004

       Very convenient. These could come in different engineering styles too, with appropriate templates / formulas pre-printed.   

       If you lift up the skirt, can you write on the underside?
Shz, Dec 20 2004

       The ink will likely bleed through. Did I mention the leg stains? The one cost for this convienence. Fixed with a shower though.   

       I like the pre-printed formulas. For me the most useful pre-print would be conversion constants. Damn inch-pound system.
Worldgineer, Dec 20 2004

       Um... just wear khackies and use a pen. Sparks a new idea! Just buy disposable khakie pants and write on em with pens! I wouldn't forget I had homework anymore! I don't use the assignment book I never got anyway...
EvilPickels, Dec 20 2004

       <snicker>pants scanner</snicker>   

       This assumes that the night before, when you're making the "buy milk" list, you are wearing the same pants you'll wear tomorrow. A valid assumption, but worth noting.   

       What do we do about the punk kids who will scribble "wash me" on my pants when I'm 'out to lunch'.
sophocles, Dec 20 2004

       Why don't you just eat with your pants on?
tiromancer, Dec 20 2004

       'out to lunch' as in "mind buried in abstract thought, to the extent that you don't notice a bus coming to run you over much less little punks scribbling on your pants". A state of mind that is common to engineers.
sophocles, Dec 21 2004

       "night before, when you're making the "buy milk" list" //snicker// I thought only my mother did that.   

       this would be a perfect idea for mr. dentworth, a self proclaimed Type A wannabe, who 'makes lists and loses them'.
dentworth, Dec 21 2004

       Ah, all the ideas that were close to practical before smartphones.   

       "Electronic devices get you part of the way there, but they are inconvenient or too large to carry everywhere."   

       What the hell were we using back then? Electronic watermellons? I simply don't remember.
Worldgineer, Nov 19 2012

       Yes, [Worldgineer], and you can still find them (link).
normzone, Nov 20 2012

       Now you can have *I'm with stupid* pants besides a tee shirt!
(write this bun on)
xandram, Nov 24 2012


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