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American Bobblehead Football

Football, Dark Helmet Style
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With all of the recent focus on NFL concussions, the sport seemingly teeters on the brink of doom, with safety spoilers Bringing It All to a Ruin and threatening World Peace by forcing NFL fans to find something else to focus their on, like US elections. It is imperative we find some way to keep this demographic <strikethrough>distracted</st>occupied.

I bring you American football with huge, protective helmets with ginormous amounts of gel/foam/air- conditioned padding inside to protect the player's last remaining neurons from bouncing off of their cranial sidewalls. Facemask rules still apply.

Rick Moranis approves whole-headedly.

RayfordSteele, Sep 02 2015

For more-ordinary bobbleheads http://www.brooksto...j2scCFcNgfgodztkFOQ
Electric football tables have models of players that are moved around. [Vernon, Sep 03 2015]


       Tom Brady's head is big enough, but I like the idea.
blissmiss, Sep 04 2015


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