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Base Football

This might be kind of fun.
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It's football (American football where you pass the ball around and tackle each other) played on a baseball diamond.

The goal is to score a touchdown by getting around all 3 bases and tagging home plate with the ball in your hands.

1-X team pitcher on the mound is the quarterback playing offense.

2- X team catcher is the receiver.

3- Z team "batter" is the defensive back defending against the run.

4- Both X team and Z teams have one player on each of the bases. X team is a receiver, Z team is trying to cover the receiver or tackle him preventing a move to the next base.

What you basically have is "monkey in the middle", "hot box" or "interceptor" where you have two guys trying to throw the ball to each other over a person in the middle trying to intercept or deflect that ball.

So the quarterback / pitcher throws the ball to his guy behind home plate while the other team tries to cover him. If the pitcher / quarterback's guy catches the ball, he can make a run towards first base. The defense can tackle him and here's where it gets interesting.

If the guy covering first base leaves first base to tackle the oncoming player with the ball, he leaves the next receiver open so the runner can throw the ball to him.

The most exciting part of baseball is when you get a runner trying to steal a base and the 1st and 2nd base players trying to get him out. With Base Football, every play would be this scenario.

So the runner gets to first, he replaces the receiver on his team who was there and tries to get to second. If any player gets tacked before they reach their base, they're out, however they can throw it to the next player on the next base. Doing so of course risks getting an interception and having to move to defense, just as in football.

If the ball ever hits the ground, everybody goes for it.

I think this would take the most exciting parts of both sports and combine them.

The actual application of this game, which might look silly at first, might be to have a game of this going on before a big league baseball game while the crowd was arriving.

More entertaining than what they do now which is have a guy in a mascot costume parade around acting goofy until the game starts.

doctorremulac3, Sep 03 2017


       Another exciting play in baseball is the triple play which would have an analog in this game as well. Once the player touches first, if he's not tackled he can attempt a pass to the guy on second base. Is the guy on second bass catches it, after he tags second base he can throw it to third base where that guy can try to run home for a touchdown after he tags his base.
doctorremulac3, Sep 03 2017

       Anyone can try to tackle the pitcher/quarterback at any time, but it would leave the person on the base they're covering open to the pitcher/quarterback throwing the ball over their head to that person.
doctorremulac3, Sep 03 2017

       So, sort of like a cross between American football and baseball, but much more comprehensible to foreigners? Have you considered adding golf and heraldry into the mix for added clarity?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 03 2017

       I know it's a bit complicated, should probably have a video demonstration to clarify.   

       Simpler than cricket though which I'm not entirely sure HAS any rules.
doctorremulac3, Sep 03 2017

       Cricket has only one rule: stay away.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 03 2017

       What [MB] said.
8th of 7, Sep 03 2017

       Ok, maybe I did have it figured out.
doctorremulac3, Sep 03 2017


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