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American Goodwill Family Photos

Say Cheese!
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America needs all the goodwill it can get around the world. In third world countries where cameras are rare, personal or family photos are treasured items. I propose that the United States could curry goodwill among disadvantaged people in other nations by offers a free photography service to those who applied.

Persons interested would submit a letter to the American embassy with a time, date and set of GPS coordinates. The photos would then be taken using existing spy satellite technology and mailed back to the person or family. These would be glossy, cardboard backed photos suitable for framing. The back of each photo would be an American flag signed by Donald Rumsfeld.

These photos would be displayed proudly in the home and would also serve to remind the rest of the world of American munificence and munifience.

bungston, Apr 07 2005


       Very nice.
calum, Apr 07 2005

       In the darkroom, a lab tech sighs.
" Another moon-the-satellite image....."
normzone, Apr 07 2005

       Scrawled in the dirt: 'Osama was here.'
RayfordSteele, Apr 07 2005

       No photography available, but they have GPS units available?
half, Apr 07 2005

       half: Good point, except bungston didn't say they had "GPS Units", but just "GPS Coordinates"........   

       normzone: HA! I think there may be several billion people (incl. US citizens) who would like to do that to the US intelligence agencies.   

       I think it would freak some people out, and make them even more scared of the US.
sophocles, Apr 07 2005

       Have GPS coordinates been manually posted on some sort of markers in 3rd world countries?
half, Apr 07 2005

       //and would also serve to remind the rest of the world of American munificence and munifience. //
<munitions>..that and the fact that 'We Know Where You Live'....</munitions>
gnomethang, Apr 07 2005

       They'd have to lie down and look up at the right moment.   

       so + for the new industry that will have to spring up painting panoramic ground sheets.   

       uh - hang on - Haliburton's won the contract for that...
DenholmRicshaw, Apr 07 2005

       I have a sense of humor (or humour) but I fail to see this as either funny or even remotely baked. It seems like ironic anti-Americanism. If it is...   

       ...sod off, ingrates.   

       If it isn't, then I apologize and humbly admit that I don't get the joke.
justibone, Apr 07 2005

       Step 2: archive the images so that they can be searched by Google. Then when you "google" someone, you get a picture too. Just in case you want to google a random farner.
kevindimie, Apr 08 2005

       //It seems like ironic anti-Americanism..//   

       Bwaaahaaahaaaahaaa!!! Not as ironic as that anno!
ConsulFlaminicus, Apr 08 2005

       easier: just send out photos of either and a set of darts
dentworth, Apr 08 2005

       Yep, I'd vote for sending the pictures instead of the food packets we do. After all, less food for them, less worry for us, right?   

       A common misconception within the idea is that America needs all the goodwill it can get.   

       Oil, maybe. Cheap DVD players? Definitely.   

       Keep your good will, we'll make do.
theircompetitor, Apr 08 2005


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