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Booze Bank

Like a food bank for the poor, but with alcohol.
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Currently, there are food banks that will hand out free food to the needy. However, they never hand out alcohol. I think that the poor should be able to enjoy a beer or nice bottle of whiskey now and then.

The Booze Bank will provide the poor with a choice of alcoholic beverages, all donated by businesses and individuals. Around Christmas, they might even add a bottle of fine rum to the "Christmas hampers" that the poor sometimes receive.

AntiQuark, Jul 13 2010

Actually baked and claiming good results http://www.spitsnie...10/06/daklozen.html
[zeno, Jul 14 2010]


       I once worked in a in a place and time where liquor couldn't be sold legally on Sunday. Every Lord's day like clockwork a crop of homeless alcoholics presented to the ER of the sole public hospital with alcohol withdrawal seizures or DTs. Admissions lasted a few days to a few weeks, some to the intensive care unit, and might have been prevented with a bottle of cheap booze. Most resumed drinking anyway (or so it was believed: certainly many did), so the brief detox did them no good -- quite the contrary, since the DTs still carry about a 5% risk of death. People occasionally suggested handing out free drinks, but professionalism triumphed -- perhaps not to the benefit of the patients.
mouseposture, Jul 14 2010

       Alcohol kills the digestive coliforms in the gut making it hard to crap peanuts and stuff.
quantum_flux, Jul 14 2010

       Is it ever wise to provide free booze?
zen_tom, Jul 14 2010

       [zeno] Thank you. If there were an award for HB links, yours would definitely be shortlisted.
mouseposture, Jul 14 2010

       //all donated by businesses and individuals// sure, I might have an extra can of soup, but do you think I'm going to give away a 6-pack or an unopened bottle of gin?
Cedar Park, Jul 18 2010

       I like this. Not for me, so much, but for others. +
blissmiss, Jul 18 2010


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