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An iPod Built for Two

Where's the category for Mp3 players? Anyway, it's not just for iPods.
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This idea is for a music player, like the iPod, with two (or more) headset jacks so you and your buddy can listen to the cool new song you donwloaded together without having to share a headset and miss out on half the experience. This would ideally be expanded to mobile phones with full-featured music players, too. A neat extension would be the ability to select and play different songs through each headset. The coolest use I can see for that part would be streaming movies, and be able to play it with different languages in each headset. Great for college and highschool students who are studying foreign languages.
21 Quest, Nov 13 2009

iPod headphone splitter http://www.amazon.c...-iPod/dp/B00065XSWG
Macally PodDuo Headphone Splitter for iPod [swimswim, Nov 13 2009]


       A jack can be split (see link), but the simultaneous play-back of two+ different songs/movies is new.
swimswim, Nov 13 2009

       Thanks for the link to the splitter, Swim! I wasn't aware of those. My only question is, do those reduce the volume in each headphone? As to my idea about playing different music through each jack, I think it could be done with the same technology that allows multiple apps to run simultaneously.
21 Quest, Nov 13 2009

       I'm going to guess that it reduces the volume, because it's powering more speaker per unit of electricity, just as if it were to be powering larger speakers.
swimswim, Nov 13 2009

FlyingToaster, Nov 13 2009

       I've used splitters before, and have never noticed a reduction in volume.
jtp, Nov 13 2009

       Well that's good to know. I may have to hunt one down until this gets Baked. What about the second part? Ever seen or heard of that being Baked? If so, I am totally going to be all over it!
21 Quest, Nov 13 2009

       A BiPod?
BTW, BiPodding is the verb to use when sharing a pair of stereo headphones between 2 - as in "Ow, I really like that track...give us a listen... can we bipod?"
Dub, Nov 17 2009


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