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"Big finish" MP3 player feature

Leave it all on the track
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A means to queue up an uptempo song so that it gets played on some keypress or key combination, regardless of what mode the MP3 player is in.

Specifically for jogging, when you're on the last minute or two and still have a little juice in your tank to burn off.

phoenix, May 18 2010

GPS-enabled_20iPod_...20track_20selection [hippo, May 19 2010]


       saying nothing ...
po, May 18 2010

       i like the idea. While we're at it can we add GPS enabled features such as playing "eye of the tiger" if you climb the steps of the museum in philadelphia?   

       likewise it could be integrated with a pulse meter so that it picks songs with BPM's that correlate to your pulse. Good to set your pace or gauge the strenuousness of your activities.
metarinka, May 18 2010

       [metarinka] see link
hippo, May 19 2010

       <delibrately vague>This could be useful for other activities.
RayfordSteele, May 19 2010


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