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B-side MP3 player

Turn it over and play the other side
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Last night, i was listening to a B-side on an MP3 player, but because it was just one of a number of files, it was impossible to tell what had been on the A-side without finding the now defunct disc itself. Therefore i suggest an MP3 player which plays B-sides. It has a display on each side and a tag system on the files which indicates which side of a record the track was on. The device plays the A-sides when the "A" display faces forward or upward, and the B-sides when flipped. There is also a switch that controls which side is played, and an old-fashioned DIN plug for ripping LPs and singles. There is also a scanner for capturing images of the labels and displaying them on the appropriate screen, and the entire device looks like a vinyl disc.
nineteenthly, Jun 27 2006


       If the mp3 player is good enough to display images then I expect it has the ability to sort music into folders, or to create playlists.
fridge duck, Jun 27 2006


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