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Analog Knob Adapter

Make Everything Analog
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This would be a little add-on that clamps to a stereo that has up-down volume buttons. It would be a knob with a mechanism inside that makes it so when you turn it clockwise, a rod inside it goes up and down, and when you turn it counterclockwise, another rod does the same thing. When mounted on a stereo, the rods would repeatedly push the up/down buttons to change the volume. Multiple sizes available, for different stereos.

The mechanism for securing it would probably be adhesive.

-----, Dec 05 2004


       I'd like these on my keyboard keys and mouse buttons.
FarmerJohn, Dec 05 2004

       might actually have a use for people of limited mobility dealing with small buttons.
neilp, Dec 06 2004

       I would like something like this on my TV remote.
Jscotty, Nov 04 2005

       //I would like something like this on my TV remote.//   

       Analogue channel shifting?   

       "Welcome to channel 4.732; thinly-veiled freakshows combined with thinly-veiled softcore pornography!"
dbmag9, Jun 02 2009


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