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Branching music collaboration

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essentially, its a website where people can anonymously create music.

The restriction is that they can only add 4 bars of notes at a time.

It starts with a 'stub', a short melody.

If people like it, they can add for bars to extend it, this change shows up as a branch growing.

At any time, a person can add more changes at any point of the music branch. 4 bars at a time. The music path, with the most changes, grows in thickness to indicate popularity. Color can also show popularity, if 'voting' is enabled.

mofosyne, Jan 05 2011

Popular music http://awp.diaart.org/km/musiccd.html
[mouseposture, Jan 06 2011]

Consistent histories interpretation of quantum theory. http://en.wikipedia...onsistent_histories
Not the same as many-worlds. [sqeaketh the wheel, Jan 06 2011]

MusicXML http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musicxml
MusicXML is an open, XML-based music notation file format. [CaptOblivious, Jan 07 2011]

Git SCM http://en.wikipedia.../Git_%28software%29
Git is a distributed revision control system [CaptOblivious, Jan 07 2011]

GitHub http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Github
GitHub web-based hosting service for git projects. [CaptOblivious, Jan 07 2011]


       [NotationToby] collaborative, sure, but branching?   

       Nice idea, but would probably produce something like <link>
mouseposture, Jan 06 2011

       Kind of like one of these longer HB discussions eh?   

       Would need a mechanism to enable playback through a particular "history" branch. Now it really starts to sound like the "consistent histories interpretation" of quantum theory.
sqeaketh the wheel, Jan 06 2011

       There used to be a site called JamGlue that did something like this, but now I can't remember exactly. I like the idea, so [+].
xandram, Jan 06 2011

       This can be baked easily using existing software tools. MusicXML can represent the final product. Git source code manager can provide branching, merging and, collaboration support. Finally Github can supply internet hosting. All you need to do is bake it.
CaptOblivious, Jan 07 2011

       I have the domain treemix.com. A friend and I were planning on baking a similar idea, except we were thinking that different musicians would add "stem" tracks on top of a pre-existing track.   

       For example, you record a demo of a song, but it needs horn parts and you'd like to swap out the drum machine track with real drums. Collaborators can download your demo, record their part, and then submit their "stem" track to layer on top of your original.   

       The web interface for a song shows you all the tracks that have been submitted and lets you mix it however you want.   

       Would also work well for beatmaker/rapper collaborations.   

       Some of Aviary's tools were the closest we could find to this when we were scoping it out.   

       Only general busy-ness keeps Treemix from becoming a reality...
calculust, Jan 10 2011

       It would be interesting to determine if the music evolution path would converge to either just lots of cowbell or a bass beat.
RayfordSteele, Jan 10 2011


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