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Anatomically Correct Elbow Macaroni

Elbow Macaroni That Really Looks Like An Elbow
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Currently, a piece of elbow macaroni looks like a 90 degree weld-on pipe fitting. One can easily look down into a bowl of mac and cheese and imagine an industrial accident of some sort.

Elbow macaroni that actually looked like elbows would also be an excellent meme assist for Alzheimer patients (see <link> for more meme assists), since more of them would be likely to remember their elbow in describing the cheap dinner dish they're wandering the aisles for, rather than telling the grocery clerk, "...it looks like a 90 degree weld-on pipe fitting..."

(As an aside, I have not been able to make headway with the cereal manufacturers in convincing them that the breakfast cereal "Alpha-Bits" should have real alpha radiation as a central component; but I digress...)

Grogster, Nov 20 2011

Excellent Meme Assists http://www.youtube....watch?v=GPtwMDrn100
[Grogster, Nov 20 2011]

Anatomically Correct Campus Anatomically_20Correct_20Campus
[theircompetitor, Nov 21 2011]


       They should be alphoid, shouldn't they?   

       How far do you plan to take this anatomical realism? For instance, would you include the brachial artery?
nineteenthly, Nov 20 2011

       How will you make the elbow joint articulate?
hippo, Nov 21 2011

       Will larger diameters become known as "Anatomically Correct Macaron-Knee"?
jurist, Nov 21 2011

       I wonder how they'd react in Pakistan?
RayfordSteele, Nov 21 2011

       Will boxes of ACEM include a small packet of grease for cooking?
swimswim, Nov 21 2011

       [9teen], for purposes of getting the product to market past the phalanx of lawyers, governing bodies, regulations, red tape, and Cannibal Rights Activists, I am limiting the product to a purely pasta representation of human elbow.   

       [hippo], the challenge (and fun) of making an articulating pasta product is offset by the fact that, once cooked (and presumably covered with a gooey artificial cheese byproduct) the elbows would no longer function, and instead be just another bowl of wiggly pasta.   

       [jurist], I think I sprained something laughing my ass off! You can expect to hear from my attorney. <...here's GROG furiously scribbling notes to pass to his product research team...>   

       [RayS], I can't help but think you might be referring to the Breakfast Cereal Conundrum and have wandered off topic (as I did). But, assuming that is what you are referring to, I wish I could bun an anno 'cause that is a great double entendre. The answer would have to involve lining up each breakfast cereal bit far enough away from its neighbors to avoid a criticality. Frankly, I think the vast majority of citizenry of that part of the world would find it to be a pleasant diversion to be gathering up enough alpha emitters to fill a bowl.   

       [swim2], what, like synovial fluid? I'm afraid that without an adequate joint capsule and synovial lining for each macaroni bit, the fluid would leak out and ultimately end up floating on top of the steaming mac'n'cheese like the La Brea Tar Pits.
Grogster, Nov 21 2011

       Actually no, [Grogman], I was referring to Pakistan's recent banning of several thousand suggestive words, and wondering about their reaction to anatomically-correct pasta in other shapes.
RayfordSteele, Nov 21 2011

       Oh, [RayS], I get it... Well then; I think they REALLY should have banned the Pakistani equivalent of adverbs and prepositions. This would slow down the Pakistani language arts enough to allow every utterance to be sufficiently scrutinized for nuances by well meaning religious zealots.   

       As for the deeper meaning of anatomically correct pasta shapes, I suppose their antennas are up and on full alert: if elbows are allowed, how much longer will it be before you see humanity's good bits floating in your cheese sauce?
Grogster, Nov 21 2011


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