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Brain Pasta

Convalutions = Faster Cooking
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If we made pasta with an extremely large surface area to volume ratio, like the brain, it would cook a whole lot faster.
DesertFox, Dec 06 2004


       intestinal spaghetti...
po, Dec 06 2004

       by 'volume ration', (ratio?) you must mean thickness...   

       a larger noodle takes longer, mostly depends on the thickness of the noodle. a lasagna noodle takes longer to cook through unless it is very thin. someone else can explain the physucks.
dentworth, Dec 06 2004

       I've never understood quick-cook pasta, what's the point? Pasta cooks in a maximum of fifteen minutes - it's just about the quickest way you can prepare a decent meal. I suspect [DF] is right about cooking times, but I'd buy his pasta for one reason only: it looks like a brain.
wagster, Dec 06 2004

       Maybe a pasta that is full of holes like coral?
harderthanjesus, Dec 06 2004


       It has to come in tomato sauce. Deep, thick, and very red tomato sauce... Mmm, give me a bowl of that.   

       Funny lookin' bowl, this...
moomintroll, Dec 06 2004

       Sounds like this would make good Bella Napoli, or what we call Porkrinds and dip.
reensure, Dec 07 2004

       Maybe really fancy brain pasta could write that computer program you should be finishing.
FarmerJohn, Dec 07 2004

       Mmmmmmmmm! I love alfredo sauce!
DesertFox, Dec 07 2004


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