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Empty Ravioli

Empty, ready for filling
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Simply, these are small pasta ravioli cases, sealed on three edges, crimped to perfection, ready for you to pipe or spoon in your preferred filling.

Fill, seal, crimp, boil and sup.

Ravioli piping bag and nozzle supplied.

jonthegeologist, Dec 29 2005


       erm. I can't find these anywhere so (+) really nice invention.
neilp, Dec 29 2005

       almost as good as empty party poppers! +1   

       sp: sup.
po, Dec 29 2005

       Or you could buy already filled ones and squish out the innerds and restuff with whatever. Then you could take the old insides and stuff them into something else. mmm.
blissmiss, Dec 29 2005

       Also available in empty burrito, calzone, and pie varieties.
Worldgineer, Dec 29 2005

       Welcome back [jon] where ya been?
DesertFox, Dec 29 2005

       ah... life get's in the way of 'baking sometimes... [desertfox]. nice of you to notice though.
jonthegeologist, Dec 29 2005

       It would be much easier to make ravioli from scratch. Even if you took something like lasagna pasta, soaked it in water and then cut it into squares, that would give you the same effect.
Jscotty, Dec 29 2005

       //It would be much easier to make ravioli from scratch//   

       Since when has overengineering been an issue on the HB?!
hazel, Dec 29 2005

       As a person who owns a traditional ravioli maker (rolling pin and knife) I am appalled. However, it's a good idea. Have some pasta.
humanbean, Dec 30 2005

       Just package them like wonton wrappers or the like, it seems a little silly to spoon stuff into a dough pouch. A flat foldable stack sounds more reasonable. Bun because i've never seen ravioli wrappers.
Ponies for Parties, Dec 30 2005

       I like World's empty pies. :)
po, Dec 30 2005

       you think you'll make much bread?
po, Dec 30 2005

       Hmmm, custard filled ravioli... Yum!
Dub, Dec 30 2005

       Just buy the square wonton/dumpling wrappers, its the same thing. you could put filling on one, put another over, seal it, and have square ravioli, or use one and fold diagonaly for triangles. I've used the wrappers to successfuly make crab rangoon,
-wess, Dec 30 2005

       wontons aren't made of pasta are they? I'm not sure it's quite the same thing.
jonthegeologist, Dec 30 2005

       Worldgineer? I like your thinking. Empty Calzone sounds like just the thing to sate one's hunger. Tortellini, Ravioli, it's all good. Well thought up, Joe.
Yarr, Dec 30 2005

       Cut lasagna noodles to the square or crescent you desire, stuff, and crimp. Call [Jscotty] or [humanbean] for details.
reensure, Dec 30 2005


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