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Interlocked links of pasta.
The box contains one entire length of pasta chain on a spool inside, with a length counter on its outside and a chart of length per serving so you'll never make too much or too little again.

<inspired by [UnaBubba]s chainio's>

Pho [pronounced "fuh") http://www.shrubbloggers.com/Pho.jpg
[normzone, Mar 12 2006]

Comes in Jumbo Links as well http://www.bbc.co.u...ingdom_isambard.jpg
Picture of Two Fries standing in front of some of his renowned pasta [xenzag, Mar 13 2006]

now available in 2D Chainmail_20Pasta
[FlyingToaster, Mar 04 2009]

Root canal. (hope it works) http://www.telegrap...'-may-be-cured.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 06 2009]


       Work great with pho also.
normzone, Mar 12 2006

       Might make chopsticks easier too.
zigness, Mar 12 2006

       maybe tres-color too
shinobi, Mar 13 2006

       .... think you need to get a bigger box [see link - (no pun intended)] +
xenzag, Mar 13 2006

       Croissant, but do you have even the foggiest notion how to make these?
DrCurry, Mar 13 2006


       Next up, spaghetti weaving tecnology, of which [dare99] beat me to with the "loom"
skinflaps, Mar 13 2006

       Funny you should ask that [DrCurry] it's been bugging me all day that I didn't have a production method figured out.
Having pondered it, I think you would have to start with lengths of hard pasta that would be steamed to a soft enough consistency to be fed into a curve/cut/splicer and then rapidly heated to fuse the open ends.
Once the pasta re-hardens in a loop, the shape should be strong enough to hold as a chain even if a small gap remains in the individual links.

       I think you'd make it however they make big steel chains. I'm envisioning a set of rollers that have link molds around their rims, but I'd best do some research.   

       [Later] Well, I looked for chain manufacturing, and found a site. It said something about benders, flash butt welders and stud presses, so my computer's porn filter won't let me go any further.
baconbrain, Mar 15 2006

       + [normzone] The Pho Dac Biet! It has everything else.   

       (I was told the "o" was pronounced like the "i" in bird but without the following "r")
Zimmy, Mar 16 2006

       Now why didn't I think of this?   

       Interlocking pastries for you!
DesertFox, Mar 16 2006

       makes watching tv so much better, once you start you dont have to take your eyes away from the screen to put a spoon in your mouth.
Tanned Black, Mar 17 2006

       An example of socio-culinary misinterpretation I'm afraid. The whole point of noodles being long strings rather than blobs or rings or balls or chains or croissant shapes or any other shape is that they represent long life.   

       You can only hope that the fish frame above is that of a carp, whose stoic acceptance of the cook's knife may inspire you to take my withering demolition of this idea with similar courage :)
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 17 2006

       Would not a loop shaped and therefore infinite, length of past then represent eternal life? Hmmmm?   

       Ouroboros perhaps?   

       That skin on [tanned black] must have grown so thick by now that he/she can no longer operate a keyboard. (read his "home page")
xenzag, Mar 04 2009

       [tanned black] might be that poor guy who's growing roots, [link], we should probly be nice.   

       Ouroborous: the snakie own tail eatin thingie indeed.
Not to be confused with Auraburros: the ground-fx donkey pulling cart thingies.

       Having recently been told that canned spaghetti hoops in tomato sauce were once considered to be elegant and contemporary dining, I arrived at this idea by myself.
Only 11 years off the pace...

       Chained hoops could recover that novelty, for a time at least. Each can would contain a single chain, of course.

       Manufacture would of course be more difficult than hoops - I imagine they'd be made in essentially the same manner as linked metal chains, with each hoop being manufactured from a strand of spaghetti threaded through the previous, cut to length and pressure-welded into a loop.
Loris, Jan 27 2017

       Anyone know the state of the art for 3d pasta printing? Ideal for shorter lengths of chain. Alternatively, but pricey, an army of expert jade carvers could produce chains from solid blocks of dried pasta.
Whistlebritches, Feb 05 2017


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