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Ancient Greeks bothering for more military jargon

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Harnessing the resources of the defence industry to create a time machine capable of sending someone back to Ancient Greece.

The reason, to teach them more military formations, which then can be utilized back in our own time for naming of military hardware, like Phalanx or whatever....

Who cares if the Sparta falls to Persian conquest because they were doing line dancing formation?

At least the next GE creation will not end up being called the XE119-b....

not_morrison_rm, May 16 2014


       More effective formations depend on improved command and control, more advanced weapons (requiring a corresponding technlogical and social infrastructure), logistics … not just "How to mount an infantry attack in oblique line" …
8th of 7, May 16 2014

       MFD rant bad science no idea bollocks
zeno, May 16 2014

       This is a bit like hoping to pick up survival tactics by talking to the ghost of Scott of the Antarctic.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 16 2014

       //"How to mount an infantry attack in oblique line"//   

       You couldn't call a modern munition Epaminondas, anyway. It has too many syllables to be macho.
pertinax, May 17 2014

       "Go, tell the Corps GHQ staff located at 37°4' N 22°26' E, thou that passeth by, that .... no, 37°4' N 22°26' E ... yes ... well, use your GPS ... what ? No, we don't have any AA cells ... look, just write it down ... OK, now, go tell the Corps GHQ staff ... who ? Well, the GSO1, or his deputy ... yes, you can tell the General of you can find him ... no, not Brigade HQ, you have to go all the way to ... yes, I know it's a long way, and it's hot, but this is important ... got to that grid reference and tell them ... oh, bugger this for a game of soldiers, I'm off down the taverna."
8th of 7, May 17 2014

       ^^^ :-)
pertinax, May 18 2014

       //You couldn't call a modern munition Epaminondas//

Pelopidas works though. The Pelopidas Missile sounds like it might do an awful lot of damage.
DrBob, May 23 2014

       [marked-for-deletion] magic - Time travel?!
hippo, May 23 2014


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