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Anti-Rape Mace

Not what you think!
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It's a big stick with pointy things at the end, except collapsable so it'll fit in a standard sized purse. Much better than the spray canister I put up.

When you push the handle in, the spikes lay down and the handle collapses inwards. When you need it, grab the little bit of the end sticking out and SWING your arm! Inertia will make the handle pop out and that will cause the spikes to stick out. Whack the rapist/mugger, call the police, then call the paramedics (that mugger will need those doctors). Then sit down and enjoy the free soda that comes with purchase!

DesertFox, May 16 2004


       Morning star/switchblade?   

       A hand weapon! say, that's a new idea!
schematics, May 16 2004

       Isn't Mace already an anti-rape mechanism?
Letsbuildafort, May 17 2004

       Isn't a weapon already an anti-rape mechanism?
yabba do yabba dabba, May 17 2004

       a pixel error on my screen led this to lead "anti-rape mice".   

       imagine my disappointment :(
koshua, Jun 08 2004

       Say! Thats an idea!   

       Trained Ninja Mice fit in your pocket and come out with swords and nunchucks to protect you from attackers! And all they ask in return is a little cheese!
DesertFox, Jun 08 2004

       You'd better not post it.
yabba do yabba dabba, Jun 09 2004

       Why not make the purse a mace, and then you will always have it handy.
macrumpton, Jun 10 2004

       Could you coat the spikes with a drug that causes impotence?
ftzdomino, Nov 09 2004

       If the mace were brandished correctly, they would have that effect.
angel, Nov 09 2004


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