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@$8$* U Too!

Tells that jerk how much you love 'um
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This is a hand held device similar to those police can buy, that when pointed at a vehicle, shuts that puppy down. Designed for that jerk who just HAS to roar down the street at 55 plus when all the kids are out, or that moron who is so dang rude and lazy blowing the horn for their pal at 5:30 a.m. You would have to get an actual license and take a training class before getting one though, because in the wrong hands they could be just too much fun...
hotrodmama, Nov 29 2000


       I think a shotgun works pretty much the same way
AfroAssault, Nov 29 2000

       That would be awsome! Just think, that dummy that just cut you off, the idiot that flies past you on the highway when you are already going 20 over the limit, some stupid driver that just ran the light. Oh the possibilities!
barnzenen, Nov 29 2000

       actually, if someone cuts you off and you shoot them with this, you are gonna end up rear-ending him, and that will be your fault... this is a lot like giving civilians the use of SWAT team equipment... not such a good idea.. the American public aren't the brightest crayons in the box if you know what i mean
djhotsauce, Dec 11 2000

       I'd like something that would make their radio expel string of profanities or the like. You could make it programmable, and have multiple presets and such.
nick_n_uit, Dec 12 2000

       Ok, djhotsauce, you made a good point, and I wouldn't want to rear-end anyone. So, how about if you just sat on the street corner and went and hit random people? That would be kinda fun. People jumping out of their cars and kicking them and calling tow-trucks and everything. Then all the people behind them honking and that big trucker good getting out of his 18 wheeler wanting to pick a fight and everything, that would be kinda fun :)
barnzenen, Dec 18 2000


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