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Anger Managment Horn

A directly reverse proportional horn
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I know when I get angry sometimes, I just lean into my horn. But wouldn't it be better for all if the more I leaned into my horn the weaker the sound? conversely, the ligher I tapped my horn the louder the sound.

I think that if I had to stop and think about "hey i really want this person to know I'm here I have to lightly tap my horn to get the loudest sound possible" that all the anger would just drain off in order to get road revenge via my horn.

sin, May 10 2001


       waugs, maybe he means to say that he carries his tuba around with him, and resting against it is a source of consolation?
absterge, May 10 2001

       nobody, I mean nobody talks about my security tuba
sin, May 10 2001


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