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car horn 911 autodial

call the cops after 10 horn-seconds per day
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I live in an area of Boston that is 3 shopping carts ghetto, but I repeat myself. Oft I awake to the sounds of honking, not of majestic canadian geese, but of mouth-breathers' car horns apparantly attempting to notify someone in a nearby apartment building that they have arrived. I can tolerate a single staccato tap on the horn if someone is napping at a green light, but in this scenario the horn is used for 10+ minutes as the party in the apartment building awakes from their slumber (along with the rest of the neighborhood), showers, shaves, and has a hearty breakfast. If only there were a device installed in each car that would after, say, 10 seconds of horn usage per 24 hour period, notify the authorities of the car's VIN and GPS coordinates because there is obviously some sort of emergency.
prometheus, Oct 28 2001

proportional honking http://www.halfbake...portional_20honking
mentions a 'horn quota' [prometheus, Oct 28 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Yes! Either that or the driver could be ejected/set on fire. Then we just have to figure out how to get the dealers, pimps, alchos, rude boys with pumping stereos, and argumentative couples to stfu too. My area would be a peaceful haven.
stupop, Oct 29 2001

       <Obligatory get a bazooka and make your current neighborhood better annotation>
phoenix, Oct 29 2001

       <obligatory it isn't a bad neighborhood where this happens, it's stupid people that do it annotation>
StarChaser, Oct 30 2001

       <Obligatory everyone should have a chainsaw and a leatherface annotation>
thumbwax, Nov 04 2001

       I think this would be most useful if it were implemented if the horn were activated for ten consecutive seconds. If a 911 call went out after 10 seconds every time a car was forced off the road and crashed, leaving the driver unconcious and leaning on his horn, you would have saved dozens of lives on the Rockford Files alone! (One of the drawbacks of the airbag is you hardly ever see a cheezy detective show car chase end that way anymore...)
dbsousa, Dec 24 2002

       <Obligatory "'Scuse me while I whip this out," annotation>
AfroAssault, Dec 24 2002

       My "MegaBEEP" technology could also be hooked up to this, in case the car is too far away to wake you up.
phundug, Apr 15 2003


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