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Car "Exhaust" Horn

Pull my Finger!
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(+9, -2)
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A forward facing large sized horn kind of like a large truck air horn would look, that is connected to a cutout valve on the main exhaust header from the engine. Valve is connected to a knob in the shape of a Finger that is mounted in the dash board. When the "Finger" is pulled all of the engine exhaust is redirected through the horn producing an increadibly loud and obnoxious sound that cannot be ignored.

Inspired by [acurafan07]s ram air turbo spool.

Thanks also to [LTFrank] for the finger bit.

jhomrighaus, Nov 16 2006

(?) inspiring idea Ram_20air_20turbo_20spool
[jhomrighaus, Nov 16 2006]

Internal Combustion Trumpet (halfbaked) Internal-Combustion_20Trumpet
Similar idea with a two-stroke motor and a trumpet. [discontinuuity, Nov 16 2006]


       Have a mechanical hand that pops out from somewhere around the exhaust pipe, and makes a wafting movement, and you've got a winner. [+]
jtp, Nov 16 2006

       (-) Will there be any back pressure causing trouble with the engine ?
vedarshi, Nov 16 2006


       Absolutely none at all. There will actually be less as no Muffler or Cat in the pipe.   

       Why the Bone?
jhomrighaus, Nov 16 2006

       The Autoboner
squeak, Nov 16 2006

       + I'm giving it a bun because it's fun and you didn't even once use any *fart* words.
xandram, Nov 16 2006

       Um [jurist] perhaps you need to reread the ideas again. The reference here to Trombone was simply a size reference(perhaps I should have said Tuba) There are no pipes or slides or tuning or anything, also this is pointed forward like a regular car horn and will only change in tone depending on the engines RPMS at the time. This is meant to sound like a car with a broken tail pipe except it is amplified by the megaphone to make it more obnoxious. The ideas share almost nothing in common.
jhomrighaus, Nov 16 2006

       The gabriel horn is similar but the intention and means of use are very different. The idea you linked is a totally different concept all together.
jhomrighaus, Nov 16 2006

       I would want to tune my horn to make the musical notes from the "Close Encounters". I would even go so far as to mount bright fog lights on all sides of my car so when I drive slowly through the neigborhood playing the notes, people will get freaked out.
Jscotty, Nov 16 2006

       what would happen if you stuck a cat in the pipe?
abhorsen1983, Nov 16 2006

       **hair dryer comes on in the background**
jhomrighaus, Nov 16 2006


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