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Organised animal sport.
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I have seen many animal shows on tv and i enjoy watching sports too.

Since there are so many animals in zoos all over the world, wouldn't it be a good idea for zoos internationally to train animals more into the sporting line for instance:

Monkey pole vaulting with a fiberglass fishing rod like pole? Otter and Seal swimming gala's. Elephant tug of war. Leopard, Cheetah ,Panther, Jaguar and Lion racing. Gazelle high jumping. Flying fish acrobatics. Deer antler banging etc.

We always get watched by animals while we destroy their habitats. Why don't we give something back and watch them while they are making us laugh, get rich, get fat etc?

novaris, Mar 03 2008

The Animalympics (1980) http://uk.youtube.c...630&feature=related
Further, faster, furrier... [Jinbish, Mar 03 2008]


       //wouldn't it be a good idea ...//

angel, Mar 03 2008

       maybe we could give back by letting them destroy some of our habitat. Perhaps they could start with this idea.
jhomrighaus, Mar 03 2008

       That's why animals don't trust humans, i also don't trust humans.
novaris, Mar 03 2008

       The elephant tug of war ends with the elephants both dropping the rope and stomping their trainers to a pink paste.   

       At least, that's how I think it should end.   

       The poor things have a tough enough time as it is, leave them alone in their habitat and enjoy them as nature has made them.   

       Then make an interesting show about that. Animal Planet seems to be making a go of it, maybe there's something to say for simply observing them?
elhigh, Mar 03 2008

       Animals alreay take part in the Olympics, why not just open up more categories for them there?
DrCurry, Mar 03 2008

       it was posted before and didn't go down very well at all. search for animal olympics.
po, Mar 03 2008


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