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Athlimaton or Athlete Marathon

In a seven game series, teams compete in multiple different sports.
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First day would be baseball, then soccer, then tennis, basketball, ice hockey, lacrosse and finally, football, being the injury sport youd save that for last.

Might add golf and cricket somewhere in the middle to give the viewers a break.

This isn't that crazy, when I was in school I played on all the sports teams, no reason we couldn't have done it this way with a year end Olympics style contest.

Certainly make oddsmakers' jobs more interesting.

MIght call it Pollaplón Athlimáton, Greek for "multi sport".

Maybe just Athlimaton. Greek for "sport", but sounds like a cross between "athlete" and "marathon" so an athlete marathon, which is kind of what this would be. Or just call it Athlete Marathon.

Have this mostly be a highschool thing where kids regularly play multiple sports anyway but if it catches on, have it be a professional thing, even if it's just an occasional novelty thing with say, two teams, one from the east coast one from the west coast.

doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2024

These are the kind of athletes you want https://en.wikipedi...ulti-sport_athletes
Bo Jackson immediately came to mind, but there are others [a1, Feb 10 2024]

The only watchable part of soccer. https://www.youtube...watch?v=bjyqCqiMc0M
[doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2024]

Meanwhile, with a real sport. https://www.youtube...watch?v=FmvUm_KNR3k
Hmm, they must have edited the part where they hit the ground at 20 miles per hour and start crying. [doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2024]

And when we hit each other... https://www.youtube...watch?v=v-1MQ0Cnbhs
we deal with it like men, we don't start balling like little pussies. [doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2024]

Hundreds of "multi sports events" and not one like this. https://en.wikipedi..._multi-sport_events
Kind of blown away that nobody's thought of this. Mine is a lot more interesting than watching people throw sticks around. [doctorremulac3, Feb 12 2024]


       I guess this means each group would field a set number of players - and the various tennis, baseball, hockey, etc teams would be drawn from that set as needed.   

       How many players do you need? At least enough for the sports that use the most players, plus a few spares. That might be American football - An NFL team can have as many as 53 players on the roster, though each team can only have 11 on the field at one time.   

       (yes, I did read through to the end where you suggest just starting as a novelty, high school thing with a couple of leagues - but I was thinking of the expansion)
a1, Feb 10 2024

       11 for football, 11 for soccer, 10 for lacross, 9 for baseball, 6 for hockey, 5 for basketball and 3 for tennis.   

       Forget about tennis, you'd start with basketball then hockey, baseball, lacross, soccer then football.   

       For the sports with fewer players on the field you'd rotate as necessary.   

       Actually, replacing tennis with volleyball with 6 players so here's the schedule.   

       California Crushers vs The Arizona Annihilators   

       Day 1: Basketball (5 players at a time)   

       Day 2: Volleyball (6 players at a time))   

       Day 3: Ice hockey (6 players at a time)   

       Day 4: Baseball (9 players at a time)   

       Day 5: Lacross (10 players at a time)   

       Day 6: Soccer (11 players at t time)   

       Day 7: Football (11 players at a time)   

       And 7 is as good number because there won't be any ties.   

       Unless you do something like just add up the points for each sport which might be better. No elimination after only 4 games and you could see something like "Yea, they got walloped in lacross, but wait till they hit the field for the football game."   

       I'm gonna sell the idea by hiring a Fiverr animator to create a video of this.   

       I could patent a video game version of this where you put your own team together and just have various sports figures spend a day doing a prowess test for each sport.   

       This would be something where you'd put your team together from the athletes playing the Athlimaton game which would actually be a one day event. Here's how that would work:   

       Bob Smith is a quarterback for an NFL team but he gets tested in all 7 sports and given a ranking for each. Joe Jones is a pitcher for a professional baseball team and he gets tested for all these sports as well.   

       Then a virtual team is put up with a simulation and if yo picked all the best winners, you win the sports pool.
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2024

       Makes sense. I see you want to run the series in order from smallest number of players to largest.   

       But you also mentioned football to be last of the series as "the injury sport." If you're still in that mindset, maybe hockey should come a little later than day 3? It's not as injury prone as football but still a rough game. Probably need more than the usual number of subs available to make sure you still have a full roster for day 7.
a1, Feb 10 2024

       Soccer/ Football - calling football soccer is a no/no except in the former colony (which is crap at it) The beautiful game is called football and is never called soccer in countries where it is played. (which is 90% of the entire world) It's the second most popularly played game in the world - the accolade of the most popular goes to cricket, but it is The Beautiful game and should never be confused with that freakish human circus side show game that stole its name.
xenzag, Feb 10 2024

       Cricket ranks #1 and Football #2 in worldwide popularity? I thought it was the other way around.
a1, Feb 10 2024

       //The Beautiful game and should never be confused with that freakish human circus side show game that stole its name.//   

       Don't really care what the third world primatives do between waiting in bread lines and obsessing about us.   

       Have you ever played or just watched? I've played both sports, as tackle and cornerback for football and right fullback for toddlerball. Soccer is cute, especially when somebody taps them on the shoulder and they curl up into the foetal position and start crying.   


       Okay, I'm biting at the troll bait again. My bad.
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2024

       Hahaha - football is the one and only Beautiful Game. When you want to watch what happens when African rhinos interbreed with human beings, then let their offspring run amok in a muddy field, you go to what's called American Football. Instead of the agile splendour of the likes of George Best or David Beckham, there are padded monstrosities bashing into each other like driverless dumper trucks going nowhere. They do all of this over a ball that isn't even round. Idea: American Football played with a breeze block. No one would notice any difference! hahahaha
xenzag, Feb 10 2024

       Apart from the snarkiness, I'll side with [xenzag] on this one. Proper football and rugby both impress me for being played without body armor, unlike the American gridiron variety.
a1, Feb 10 2024

       Didn't answer my question zigzag, you play or just sit on the sidelines and complain about people actually enjoying life?   

       And a1, the last time you actually watched a soccer or rugby game waaaas..... ?   

       Actually, hell, same question to both. Either of you actually enjoy sports like I do? Actually get out to the park and spend the say with friends or loved ones? Getting some fresh air and sunshine? Cheering, clapping, hugging, high fiving, eating hot dogs, ice cream, popcorn? Just loving some of the simple things in life?   

       Let... me... guess...
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2024

       That's what I thought. Anyway, go Niners!
doctorremulac3, Feb 10 2024

       (shrug) I don't know if I enjoy *anything* the same way as you, [doc].   

       I was simply expressing a level of agreement with [xenzag] on the appeal of certain games. Don't take that as a criticism of your idea. You're proposing an sporting event to be played by and for Americans, and it's fine for that audience.
a1, Feb 10 2024

       Sometimes the universe sends you a message. After me taking the troll bait and dogging football after somebody insulted American football, a dear friend of mine from England sent me this message: "Go Niners!"   

       His team is West Ham United and by taking the troll bait, I caught the hate virus and stupidly insulted a bunch of great people, including my friend just because somebody else did that. That's not gonna happen again.   

       Don't get me wrong, I'll still defend when attacked, but I won't attack that person's group.   

       And now I've got a new team to root for. Go West Ham United!!   

       England gave us the industrial revolution, Led Zeppelin and great fish n chips. Gotta get back there soon. God Save The King!   

       Love and kindness rules, hate sucks.
doctorremulac3, Feb 11 2024

       Think I'm just gonna call this Multi Sport Championship Games. Explains what it is in the name.   

       Looking up multi sport games, there's hundreds, but they're all scaled down Olympics, there's none where players play basketball, volleyball, baseball, lacross, soccer (football) American football.   

       Dropping ice hockey so this can all be played on one field that's all ready to go.
doctorremulac3, Feb 12 2024

       So the new lineup is:   

       Day 1: Basketball (5 players at a time)   

       Day 2: Volleyball (6 players at a time))   

       Day 3: Baseball (9 players at a time)   

       Day 4: Lacross (10 players at a time)   

       Day 5: Soccer (11 players at t time)   

       Day 6: Football (11 players at a time)   

       Actually it's now a two day event, just a weekend affair.   


       Saturday: basketball, volleyball, baseball,   

       Sunday: lacross, soccer, football
doctorremulac3, Feb 12 2024

       Sort of a team sport heptathlon, I'd watch it. It's be interesting tactically how you'd pick generalists vs specialists.   

       A specialist baseball pitcher would really tilt that game.
bs0u0155, Feb 12 2024

       Yea, me too. I'd be interested to see how one team could shine at one sport and perhaps totally fall apart in another. You'd might see the final score tally change back and forth in an exciting way.   

       And yea, I assume the baseball pitcher would probably be the football quarterback so you might have some sort of cohesiveness through the different sports.
doctorremulac3, Feb 12 2024

       I like the idea of adding up the total scores, but you'd definitely have to normalize them somehow, otherwise basketball is pretty much going to run away with it. And football (non-American) might as well not even be played.   

       And I realize it's the difference in points that matter, but basketball and football (American) often have 10 point differentials in a relatively even contest, whereas the rest are likely to be in the 2-3 point range.
MechE, Feb 13 2024

       // you'd definitely have to normalize them somehow //   

       Ignore points scored once the game is finished, just count each game won.
a1, Feb 13 2024

       Oh shoot, good point. To put them on an even footing you'd have to start doing some complicated math. I think that's it, it HAS just be games won. Not really a question now. Well that's it, it's games won, not score accumulation. Thanks Mech, should have seen that.   

       That being said, like to get a replacement for ice hockey in there, seven is a great number because you don't get any ties. Yes, you can have a four game blowout ending the contest halfway through, but that's how it works in baseball and nobody's complaining.   

       Now it's more important to get that 7th sport in there since nobody wants to see a tie. Could do field hockey but that's too close to lacrosse. Cricket's popular, but pretty similar to baseball. Rugby's too much like football. Hmm. Okay, I'd say team tennis. Need to use what's already at the schools or parks, they usually have tennis courts. So start off with 2 player teams of tennis.   


       Tennis- 2 players at a time   

       Basketball- 5 players at a time   

       Volleyball- 6 players at a time   

       Baseball- 9 players at a time   

       Lacrosse- 10 players at a time   

       Soccer- 11 players at a time   

       Football- 11 players at a time   

       So day one would be tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball. Day two would be lacrosse, soccer, football.   

       Tennis would be nice and short to start things off. Just one series featuring the best players on both sides. Sort of an appetizer for the more brutal sports to come. Times for the other sports would be adjusted to fit into the two day series as necessary.
doctorremulac3, Feb 13 2024


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