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Annotating Printer

print on that which has already been printed
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This is a printer-scanner combination where the two features are tightly tied together. Put in a document to scan (such as a pre-printed form) and it appears on your screen. Make your annotations on the computer and it prints them back onto the same page.

Good for printing on checks (if you're not using checks specifically designed for that) or other secure documents that you can't simply print out by themselves; envelopes or postcards that have specific areas on the physical item where you can and can't write; saving paper in back&forth correspondence.

dvrsn, Aug 06 2003

(?) Like this? http://www.bykeywor...download-10248.html
I don't remember what product I used, but this looks similar. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004]

Annotate faxes http://home.efax.com/s/r/eFaxHomepage
This service allows you to annotate faxes (they call it rubberstamp). I use it a lot to just insert my signature into faxed contracts and "fax" them right back. No loss of quality due to multiple scanning/printing. [kbecker, Oct 04 2004]


       I wish I had this a few weeks ago. I had a very complex paper form to fill out and I haven't even seen a typewriter for almost a decade.   

       I tried to scan the form in and then fill it out using Word. It almost killed me.
bristolz, Aug 06 2003

       Baked! My first scanner had this wonderful form software. You scan in your form, and it recognizes lines and boxes that it thinks should be typed in or checked. You then annotate to your heart's content and use your printer to fill in the form. It was usually a bit tricky to get it perfectly aligned, but overall was a great product. I remember that I used it quite often when filling out job applications while in college.
Worldgineer, Aug 06 2003

       Well, post the link to that stuff, [Worldgineer].
bristolz, Aug 06 2003

       Try this, [bris] (link).
Worldgineer, Aug 06 2003

       [Worldengineer] This idea looks much simpler. The scan can be crude without any OCR. You need it only to determine the location of your annotations on the sheet. A 100DPI scanner should do and would be dirt cheap. (+)
kbecker, Aug 06 2003

       My handwriting usually fits but l agree about the coated stock.
bristolz, Aug 06 2003

       Paste the image into PowerPoint, on a landscape page. You can position text boxes wherever you want. Holding the shift-key while you ctrl-drag constrains movement of copied objects to one dimension.
FloridaManatee, Aug 07 2003


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