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Annotation Notifier

Notifies you when your idea receives an annotation.
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I spend alot of time bouncing through my, albeit few ideas looking for any new annotations. Some programming mubo jumbo that the geniuses do so well and I could have a little notifier. People with alot of ideas that get even more annotations may get swamped so maybe it could be triggered only on the out dated ideas, or turned on and off? This site has me walking though my day to day routines looking for ideas. Being in the Navy creativity is somewhat stifled. This site has brought the excitement back thanks HB
krod, Feb 29 2004


       You can set up a filter, only showing ideas where you are the author, and sort by last modified time. You can then save that filter as "who's talkin' 'bout me" and it will be a link (just for you) on the left hand menu.
1st2know, Feb 29 2004

       I am not so computer savvy... Thank you Jutta that is close but doesnt that only tell me the new votes? 1st2know, how can i make that ?
krod, Feb 29 2004

       Click [jutta]'s link; at the top you'll see an 'edit' tag - click that, then scroll to the bottom, there is a save as option - name it, then save it.
1st2know, Feb 29 2004

       Okay. so then the brains have though of it so should this "idea" be deleated?
krod, Feb 29 2004

       Or you could leave it up as your own personal 'bone' magnet ;-) I would send it to HB heaven.
1st2know, Feb 29 2004

       have you seen my first two ideas,? lol I dont need more bones. summit it as a testimonial for "halfbakery.com for dummies"
krod, Feb 29 2004

       Maybe you could keep it as a [ mubo jumbo ] kind of voodoo kind of thing....Keep on halfbaking [krod].
normzone, Feb 29 2004


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