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Announce Changes

Why is this at the top of the list?
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Sometimes ideas will appear at the top of the list (thanks) and I'll have no idea why.(jutta) There is no new annotation, no new link, nothing.(for) Perhaps someone modified their annotation,(the) or deleted something, but I'll never know.(consideration) We just need a line at the top that says "Annotation added," or "Link deleted," and the date. That sort of thing.
centauri, Dec 15 2000


       Perhaps anything edited or added in the last week could be displayed in bold. Deletions would still be a mystery.   

       BTW: I do not feel as strongly that there needs to be a modification to the way it works. There are times when I wish I knew what had changed, but I soon get over it and am always appreciative of the 'clean' interface here at the hb.
blahginger, Jan 15 2001


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