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Half-baked in batches
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I am subscribed to the RSS feed so I get notifications of the new changes to the 'bakery, but they create large amounts of traffic on my newsreader/aggregator with single items. I would rather have it a couple times a day but with a list of links of the changes.
jamuraa, Feb 02 2006

RSS http://www.halfbake...A:n=recent:t=recent
The current RSS Feed [jamuraa, Feb 02 2006]


       Some internet portals, like Yahoo, for example, allow you to customize your home page with the addition of personally selected RSS content modules. In Yahoo's case, it seems to update far less frequently and far less intrusively than the feed you have linked. In fact, it looks just like the headline feeds you might expect to receive from any of the major news services packaged in a tight little five line bullet-point presentation box. Each of the listed bullet point ideas are individually linkable. You might want to investigate whether you can access a similar feature on your portal's home page.   

       If it is an available custom modification, it will be probably be found under a button for "Add Content" on your "My Yahoo" (or "My MSN", or "My AOL") home page. Then, since you already know the RSS address, just plug that in.
jurist, Feb 02 2006


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