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Annotation delayer

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As part of my goal to read at least the title of every idea, I have a view for ideas that have had no activity in the past ten years, so as to bring old ideas I may have missed back to my attention. Unfortunately, it's not quite accurate. It displays ideas with activity up to three days more recently than ten years ago. I think this is because of leap years or something. So, when I click on those ideas that show up, read them, and want to say something in reply, I have a dilemma. I can post my annotation immediately, but then there won't be exactly a ten-year gap (by calendar date at least). I can wait a couple of days before posting it (because the server considers the evening in my time zone to be the next day), but then I might forget what I want to say, or, if I type it and leave it unsaved, my browser might crash and lose it.

Therefore, it would be convenient to have a software tool into which I can put the idea title and the annotation I want to post, which then waits the correct amount of time before actually sending that annotation to the server to result in a ten-year gap. It could be a browser extension or userscript, but then the computer and browser have to be running. It could be a simple app on a personal server, but I haven't set up a personal server of any kind yet. (I really should do that, like a couple of years ago.) So this remains just an idea for now.

N/A [2019-04-28] (still the date for me)

P.S. I think the first time I annotated a ten-year-dormant idea, it was just a coincidence, because I hadn't set up the view yet, but it was still a day short of ten years, and I got told I should have waited a day.

notexactly, Apr 29 2019


       Would the annotation get cancelled if someone else posts on that idea a day before? And how much can these annotations be delayed? Could you respond to an idea posted today, with a delay of ten years?
mitxela, Apr 29 2019

       //Could you respond to an idea posted today, with a delay of ten years?// - that's what I've done - see below (after 30/04/29)
hippo, Apr 30 2019

       Considers setting up a view showing all ideas that have had no activity for 9 years and 362 days.
pocmloc, Apr 30 2019

       [mitxela]: I guess so? I guess so?   

       [pocmloc]: I tried that. You can only set a whole number of whichever time unit. Though I'm not sure I tried ~3647 days, adjusted periodically for how many leap days are covered (or whatever causes the inaccuracy).   

       Edit: I just tried that and it works! 3652 is the magic number right now, to get the most recent idea in the view to have the same date as today. But it seems to take time of day into account, so you won't see all of the ideas with that date of last activity unless you're looking at the view at the end of the current day.   

       Interestingly, if you set it as a multiple of 7 days, it'll be automatically converted to a setting in weeks when you save it. This site has all sorts of weird quirks just waiting to be discovered…
notexactly, May 01 2019

       According to Google, a year is 365.2422 days long. Can you set it to 3652.422?
Wrongfellow, May 01 2019

       No. It rounds it to an integer. I suppose you could put in a huge number of hours, but you wouldn't be able to check as easily by looking at the results as you can with days, because times of annotations and links aren't displayed.
notexactly, May 01 2019


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