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Annoying Tattletale Robot

The refrigerator or some other appliance periodically forces you to prove yourself alive and mobile
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A disguised annoying robot periodically forces a loved one to press its big red off button proving they have not fallen and can't get up. Robot calls for help if signs and sensors indicate likely need. Like a medic alert bracelet but more intrusive and annoying.

This is the third maybe fourth time someone I knew of living alone could have had a much better outcome. Neighbor just told me today of an elderly demented slightly drunk relative who bled to death after falling through a glass door in their home.

popbottle, May 10 2017

" Lying .... " http://sagacomic.wikia.com/wiki/Lying_Cat
[normzone, May 10 2017]

Gruesome death http://www.nydailyn...ve-article-1.261792
[pashute, May 10 2017]

Lonely Road Drive Plan System Lonely_20Road_20Drive_20Plan_20System
Simple [8th of 7, May 10 2017]


       This Idea won't let anyone get enough good sleep.
Vernon, May 10 2017

       On trains, the "Dead Man's Handle" (no pun intended) has been Baked for many decades.   

       Radio-linked Lone Worker alarms are also Baked and WKTE, and that's what's being described.   

       A typical LWA is in the form of a pendant worn round the neck. If it doesn't detect movement for a period of time, it beeps. The wearer can reset it by just moving it, or by pressing a button to get a longer delay. If the bleeps are ignored, a loud alarm sounds; if that's ignored, then the base station calls for assistance.   

       The problem is that many elderly people are sedentary, and tend to go to sleep a lot. They're not going to use a device that keeps waking them up.   

       Something more sophisticated is needed- a system that looks ar patterns of movement and physiological activity.   

       But even in a care facility, with human staff observing the residents, there's still a lot of scope for things to go very wrong very quickly.   

       A laudable idea, but not a new one.   

       The optimum solution is probably an assistance dog, or a robot that very closely mimics the capabilities of an assistance dog. After all, some dogs warn their owners of impending epileptic fits. And a dog also provides genuine companionship.
8th of 7, May 10 2017

       //provides genuine companionship — 8th of 7// Maybe choose a stronger password?
pocmloc, May 10 2017

       You know, a cat is an even better companion animal...   

       *snickers and runs away
Voice, May 10 2017

       // Maybe choose a stronger password? //   

       You don't thing "password" is good enough ?   

       // *snickers and runs away //   

       You can run, but you can't hide ...
8th of 7, May 10 2017

       My relative had it more gruesome. (Link)
pashute, May 10 2017

       One of the cases I am thinking of Fell and couldn't get up... And had his cell phone with him and took three days to call a friend because it was just too embarrassing. A one or two day injury grew into a month long hospital stay.   

       But your right, if you can't get people (normal, depressed or mad people ) to accept help, things can go wrong quickly.
popbottle, May 10 2017

       // gruesome //   

       That's pretty grim, [pash].   

       <link> might have been helpful.
8th of 7, May 10 2017


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