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a Segway with legs
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Its got handles on its shoulders, stirrups on its hips and a seat sticking out of its ass. The controls are in the handles and work the same as the Segway. You're never too old to enjoy a piggyback ride, and unlike your dad, the Piggyback-Bot never has a backache and is willing to take you all the way down to the corner store for ice cream.
jaksplat, Dec 14 2004

Halfbakery: Riding on the Shoulders of Giants Riding_20on_20the_2...lders_20of_20Giants
This idea is foreshadowed in the annotations to the linked one. [jutta, Dec 14 2004]


       I'm nominating Piggyback-Bot street racing scenes for most important futuristic detail that didn't make it into "I, Robot".
jutta, Dec 14 2004

       Anything that reminds me of what life was like before all this growing up rubbish.
harderthanjesus, Dec 15 2004


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