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Ant Roaster, or YAACR (yet another ant catching robot)

a tiny robot that catches and cooks ants
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What to do about the ants marching in to my house? And what about letting all that high-quality protein go to waste? Ergo, the tiny robotic ant roaster: a little tube with tracks, a camera or sniffer on the front and a little oven inside the tube. The cooked ants are deposited into a bag at the rear end of the tube. Yum!
ergomatic, Dec 07 2008

Ant Catching Robot Ant_20Catching_20Robot
[ergomatic, Dec 07 2008]


       Make it such that it gives the first 5 ants a nice bit of sugar and lets them go back to the nest.
Thus, they reinforce the trail and more ants come.
Thereafter let every 10th ant go back to the nest with a sweetie to keep the interest going.
Obviously your device will be somewhat more complicated.
gnomethang, Dec 07 2008

       So you want to eat diseased fried ants out of a robot's ass?
Spacecoyote, Dec 08 2008


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