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A Better Mouse Trap?

Build a better mouse trap and...
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"Build a better mouse trap and the world will come to your door." Draw male mice to your trap with female pheromones. Just a cardboard box like a "Roach Motel," but oozing with rodent sex. There could be just a sticky floor, but then you have to hear the poor creature squealing and shreaking and feel bad about what to do with it. (I had this problem with catching rats on those sticky things. Had to kill one with a hammer. Yuck.) Perhaps a quick spray of cyanide gas when it enters. Then just flush.
MauiChuck, May 29 2005

A Better Mousetrap A_20Better_20Mousetrap
Not to be confused. [DrBob, May 29 2005]

(?) Door Path Beater by FarmerJohn http://www.geocitie...doorpathbeater.html
perhaps you have not seen this yet... [dentworth, May 29 2005]


       I swear that this is somewhere around here, under the title of 'Even More Humane Mousetrap', but I'm too lazy to find it. Oh well, just ignore that, I'm bunning.
froglet, May 29 2005

       They might even beat a path.   

       since you quoted the quote, see link.
dentworth, May 29 2005

       What if the offending mouse is female?
Texticle, May 30 2005

       Yeah, you should be targeting the female mice. Bait the trap with jewelry, they already have fur coats.   

       I once frightened an engineer by thinking up a vacuum mousetrap, refining the idea and describing it in the time it took him to finish his beer.
It can be just a single vacuum flask, or with pipes like a whole-house vacuum-cleaning system. The mouse trips a catch, a valve opens and sucks him in, then seals again. The mouse is either sealed in the disposable flask, or sliding through the pipes to the central unit for transfer to the exhaust pipe, which fires him into the neighbor's house.
baconbrain, May 30 2005

       *stares frightendly at baconbrain*
finrod, May 30 2005

       Beautiful! Just f*ing beautiful all of you. Yes, it is "beat a path" [2 frys]. Thank you. And baconbrain's capture and disposal system is superb!//which fires him into the neighbor's house// Always wanted to do that. Tempting the female mouse IS a prob, Texticle. That's why I ignored it. Make the "Mouse Motel" look like a refrigerator? [FJ} your "Door Beater" is wonderful, especially the sketch. Sure you're not Dr. Suess? If only I had kids to read it to... wait a minute, I live on Maui! Ah ha! Can read it to everyone. Thanks for all the fish ;-)
MauiChuck, May 31 2005

       And judging by the last anno [MauiChuck] has either had a sarcastic overload or is on drugs.   

       You want to catch a mouse you dig a hole cover it with cloth and put a small piece of cheese on top. Alternatively you could get a cat. Tom and Jerry has taught me that, while this will not solve the problem, the results will be entertaining.
hidden truths, Jun 01 2005

       I don't think that was sarcasm... maybe I'm just gormlessly innocent, but I agree with [Maui] on all points in that anno. No, I'm not on drugs either.
david_scothern, Jun 06 2005

       But you do live in Maui?
hidden truths, Jun 06 2005

       LOL. Build a better mouse trap and the Bakery will beat your brain! Love it! Keep thems comments commin'.
MauiChuck, Jun 07 2005


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