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Antacid Sweethearts

"I Tums U"
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Sweetheart candies are really chalky, really sappy, and really popular this time of year. I'd never call them flavorless, but they're not great-tasting, that's for sure.

Combine that with what is (for guys, anyway) the misery and terror associated with Valentine's Day, and necessity knocks at the door with a saccharine pounding.

To prevent unnecessary barfing and other heartburn-related ailments, these antacid tablets are in the shape of little hearts, with messages of relief printed on them. "Cool Ur Guts" for example, or "No ralph 2day." They'd be larger than standard sweethearts, and come in a pink container proclaiming your love for being able to eat with your dearest without the worry of searing throat pain.

shapu, Feb 14 2006

Sweethearts http://www.shop.com...r_Unit-prod-8867581
Sweets for your sweet. [shapu, Feb 14 2006]


       Well, I hope you won't need one for this croissant!
xandram, Feb 14 2006

       Damn, I tried to do ASCII art of one of these, but it didn't want to post right.   

       Oh well, bun.   

       that's awesome... i hate sweethearts except for their cheesy sayings are awesome!
deathbyducttape, Feb 16 2006

       Eat more
GrEzy sh!t
daseva, Feb 16 2006

       DRBC: The font used is Trebuchet MS. I recommend testing your art in a text editor before posting it.
nick_n_uit, Feb 16 2006


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