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hmmmm, I wonder if Cosby will do the ads...
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Many medical procedures are preceded by periods of fasting.
I've gone days at a time without eating before and it's no fun.

Now, I don't know enough about Chemistry or Biology to think up the means by which to actually make the substance I have in mind, but there must be some non-toxic way of making a liquid solidify on contact with stomach acid and which would then take time to fully dissolve, fooling the belly into feeling full without violating the procedure preparation protocols.
A stomach only contains a certain amount of acid so any overdose of said substance should pass in its liquid state.


       If only apetite was that simple. A stomach stapling in a can? I think that you would find that the pre-op market was a gnat next to the "my diet makes me so hungry that I could eat particle board" market. Great idea but I bet people have been trying to produce satiating tummy jello for at least a hundred years. Next time ask your doctor what kind of fasting (caloric, solid food, imaging, renal) you need to do. It may not be as dire as you think.
WcW, Feb 22 2008

       Why on Earth would you need to fast for *days* prior to a medical procedure?
phoenix, Feb 22 2008

       Have you tried wallpaper paste?
xenzag, Feb 22 2008

       [phoenix] <cough Probe-ulation cough>   

       I have not tried wallpaper paste.   

       I have. Makes an excellent dip for pencils.
lostdog, Feb 22 2008

       upon being admitted for emergency surgery (in 2004) I was told the minimum hours of fasting is 4. Yep you heard me right. That is just to keep from throwing up during sedation. Digestive tract procedures obviously need lots longer.   

       If you are having a colonoscopy however, the 12 hour prior laxative will nearly kill you and you won't feel like eating anyway.
dentworth, Feb 22 2008


       Just eat a bunch of agarose powder.   

       Suddenly, polymerization!
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 23 2008

       UB, I had to look up "chundering". I guess it's a word that I probably knew what it meant before I looked it up, but I had to be sure.   

       2 Fries, there is ONE thing I know of that will make you fast for a good 8-10 hours, but I think it's schedule 1 Illegal in the US. (for some dumb reason? It's not addictive & no indications I've ever seen shows it to be harmful - but, I've not really looked into it much since the early '90's).
Zimmy, Feb 24 2008

       I'll pass...   


       Disappointed. I thought this would be a way of livening up children's parties with LSD.
jtp, Feb 24 2008


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