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Antarctic pig vault

Grow food on Antartica and store it in case of global catastrophic destructive mega-annoying events!!!
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There is a lot of humongous wind in Antarctica. Very many spots with averages of 10m/s. Excellent for wind power.

1. Install may wind turbines, and generate electricity.

2. Build well insulated hydroponic farms which use the electricity for their lamps.

3. Grow many foodstuffs, including animal fodder, and raise pigs.

4. Once the pigs are all growed up, dig a huge pit into some ice-shelf.

5. Bury the pigs, and place a sign-board on top of the mega-meat cemetary.

Voilà. In case of a seriously world annoying event, such as a nuclear winter or an all destructive meteor impact, you have a nice source of deep-frozen protein that can be relied on by small communities of survivors.

We will also create a vegan section in the cemetary, with deeprozen grains and vegetables.

The (hopefully) still working wind-turbines and lamps can then be used to unfreeze the food.

Happy post-apocalyptic meal.

django, Mar 01 2011

East European frozen food reserve http://en.rian.ru/p...09/104157192_3.html
Only the soviets could have planned on this scale. [MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2011]


       Bizarrely enough, this scheme was implemented some time ago in Eastern Europe. More details in the <link>
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2011

       Instead of cremation (which produces a lot of CO2), human corpses could be stored there against globally catastrophic events. Kind of a zombie land down south.
ldischler, Mar 01 2011

       //Kind of a zombie land down south.//   

       Isn't that Australia?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2011

       //Bizarrely enough, this scheme was implemented some time ago in Eastern Europe. More details in the link.//   

       So I'm as big a genius as the soviets? What an honor!   

       Honestly, I came to this idea entirely independently from Stalin.   

       And luckily my pigs are a bit more tasty than that shrivelled dino.
django, Mar 01 2011

       //Honestly, I came to this idea entirely independently from Stalin.// [marked for tagline]
mouseposture, Mar 02 2011

       Ouch [bigsleep], you have a point. I didn't think of that. But surely, some chunks of the icecap will remain intact?   

       If not, we'll use some of the windpower's electricity to produce ice.
django, Mar 02 2011

       I second mp's tagline call!
DrBob, Mar 02 2011

       Tagline alright. But do ask Mr Stalin's permission to use it. You never know what he'll bring on to you if you're not careful.
django, Mar 02 2011

       The name "Mega meat cemetery" sounds like a sweet name for a fast food chain.   

       "Welcome to Mega Meat Cemetery, what can I dig up for you?"
doctorremulac3, Mar 02 2011


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