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Antenna Ball Locator Beacon

Triggered by fob
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I bought an antenna ball with flashing LEDs that goes off at night (unfortunately it stopped working a few months ago) via light sensor, it won't go off in the day and waste the battery, and triggered by the motion of the antenna swaying. COOL! Why not make it fob-activated for finding your car in a crowded parking lot? Make it available in a variety of colors with customizable flash patterns for use when other cars around yours have them. You may need more/bigger LEDs for daytime visibility, but it should be more than possible. Just replace the light sensor and/or motion switch with a fob signal reciever.
21 Quest, Oct 01 2007


       Most car remotes will turn the lights on and/or sound the horn, even start the engine, but I still like this.
DrCurry, Oct 01 2007

       I, meanwhile, will settle for the cool million to be made by selling AnnoyaBalls - look- alike antenna balls which respond indiscriminately to all keyfob signals.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 01 2007

       You could have run with this one. (+)   

       //AnnoyaBalls - look- alike antenna balls which respond indiscriminately to all keyfob signals.//

       That would belong in the Evil category, and would make the owner's car a prime target for vandalism.
21 Quest, Oct 01 2007


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