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Anti-Ass-Hole Spoiler

Pivoting spoiler with mirrored under-side
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I do a lot of pre-dusk driving on two-lane country roads. Invariably some ass-hole will tailgate me for 20 minutes with his bright head-lights on.

Instead of waiting for someone coming in the on-coming lane to flash their brights at the guy behind me, I want to do something a little more pro-active.

I want an Anti-Ass-Hole Spoiler.

With the push of a button, two electric actuators rotate the spoiler 90 degrees, presenting a slightly curved, reflective underside towards the rear of the vehicle, reflecting the offending tailgater's headlights back at the offending tailgater.

MikeD, Aug 03 2009

High beam attitude readjustment device High_20beam_20attit...adjustment_20device
[phoenix, Aug 03 2009]

Now look what you've started Redeye_20to_20the_20Rear
[normzone, Aug 03 2009]


       Easier solution - get a 2 million candle power hand-held spotlight, keep it on the passenger seat. Point-n-shoot. (A friend of mine actually does this - finds it to be quite effective.)
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 03 2009

       [ns] why waste your energy on somebody else being an asshole? [+]
FlyingToaster, Aug 03 2009

       [neutrino] That method is WAY too dangerous ... My three year old son has to unbuckle from the car seat to properly employ it.   

       That and I don't have a funtioning cigarette lighter.   

       [21Quest] Your neutrality is as much a bun as one could hope for. I'll take it.
MikeD, Aug 03 2009

       or the subtle method: tie a piece of ironmongery under the car to a string terminating in the passenger compartment: when somebody tailgates just loosen the string causing sparks to fly out. The gentler approach to the caltrop method.
FlyingToaster, Aug 03 2009

       Why not just use the caltrop method?
Bad Jim, Aug 03 2009

       well for one thing you have to replace the caltrops.
FlyingToaster, Aug 03 2009

       While I like a good offensive-driving tool as well as the next commuter, a recently blinded driver behind you is not necessarily a good thing.   

       But you've given me an idea, so I'll go post it, and cross reference here and there.
normzone, Aug 03 2009

       The problem with words you don't know, after looking them up, you wished you hadn't.
wjt, Aug 04 2009


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