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Redeye to the Rear

Contract pupils and pour successively increasing lumens on them
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A driver riding on your tail at night can be a problem, and if that driver's headlights are on high it's more of a pain.

Tremorless Technologies has adapted that annoying "anti-redeye" technology that some cameras use to make certain that your photo subjects are grimacing when the final flash goes off for use at the rear of your automobile.

Located outside your rear window to avoid reflections, this device has an adjustable light-sensitive setting. When the trigger threshold is reached, the smallest of a set of LEDs produces a single pip of light at a tolerable level.

If the triggering light threshhold is not reduced, then the LED produces two pips. If the triggering light threshhold is still not reduced, then a string of three pips is produced. That is your last warning.

If the triggering light threshhold is not reduced at this time, the second, brighter and larger LED comes into play, and the sequence is repeated.

And the LEDs just get bigger, and brighter. And the flashes more frequent, until blindness and seizures are induced.

Tremorless Technologies assumes no liability for accidents, injuries, and litigation. This device can be monitored and adjusted via a dashboard readout and interface, and the user assumes all responsibility.

normzone, Aug 03 2009

Credit where credit is due Anti-Ass-Hole_20Spoiler
[normzone, Aug 03 2009]

And the Redeyes have their protective measures http://www.freewebs...Redeyes-redeyes.jpg
[normzone, Aug 04 2009]


       I like the warning lights. Seems to make the victim a little more deserving. [+]
MikeD, Sep 29 2009

       I would expect gradually blinding the following driver would result in 2 victims! [-]
MikeOliver, Sep 29 2009

       ...culminating in the sound and light show from Close Encounters. (+)   


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