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Anti-Farmers Tanner

Fix that nasty farmers tan!
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I have seen a countless amount of men and women walk around with farmer tans. May it be lots of shirted sport practice, or an outdoor job, there should be an easy way for it to be remedied.

And that bring us to the Anti-Farmers Tanner! Its bulbs only work on the part that wasn't tanned by the sun, and may have specially trained technicians who will give you the right time inside to match what the sun already gave you.

It could use many small LED size bulbs, and could connect to a computer. The technician could select the intensity and area of tannage, thus ending up with a nice even tan!

Say bye-bye to that farmers tan, and hello to a wholesome, even tan!

S1, Apr 20 2006


       Urm, how? How does it only affect un-tanned skin?   

       Aside from that, nice thinking. If you can tell how, I'll give you a nice, golden, flakey croissant!
DesertFox, Apr 20 2006

       Instant tanning places already exist: I'm sure they can accommodate uneven tans. (They're usually called "golfers' tans" - neck and both arms - and "truckers' tans" - one arm only - around here.)   

       DF: I think all the golden flakes flaked off that croissant, leaving only the bones!
DrCurry, Apr 20 2006

       Most instant tanning places I've seen don't work well with uneven ones (by instant I mean tanning bed, not spray on)   

       I've added how it could work as well
S1, Apr 20 2006

       I always just slather my already tanned-regions with sun block and fry the light parts by leaving them untreated. Worked for my "rider's tan" anyway.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 20 2006

       I'm a little upset that there is no Uncle Farmer's tanner....
xandram, Apr 20 2006

       "Old MacDonald had a tan..."
zen_tom, Apr 20 2006

       Why not invent sleeves and a head cover (that is breatheable) but 100% UV protective? You could go to a tanning booth and tan regularly- preventing further change of the already tanned skin-
KineticKill, Mar 05 2008


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