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Tanner pad 2

Temporary tatoos
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This pad would strap wherever on your body you like. It would have a UV emitter and a large set of stencils. (along with the means to make your own) It would, over the period of a week, tan a picture into your skin.
Voice, Aug 17 2010


       Or you could cover up the negative space around the desired image, leaving the "tattoo" tan against a lighter background.   

       (Not my bone)
DrWorm, Aug 17 2010

       Dr. Worm, thats essentially what he's saying with the 'stensils' right? Or, am I missing something completely again?
daseva, Aug 17 2010

       [daseva] you're right. [DrWorm] how can I state this more clearly?
Voice, Aug 17 2010

       Wonderful. Now you can have melanoma in any shape you desire.   

       Show them you mean it; have "My darling <Beloved's name>, I'd die for you> tanned into your empidermis ... and then go ahead and actually die. Quite slowly, unpleasantly, and in a lot of pain.   

       Any UV exposure in excess of that required to produce the necessary amount of Vitamin D is a Bad Thing.
8th of 7, Aug 17 2010

       Oops, nevermind. Yeah, that was what I was describing.
DrWorm, Aug 17 2010


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