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sun cream towel

said in an aussie accent
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Aristotle asked - A means to apply sun cream to my acnestis, the part of my back I can't reach. Must be inocuous.

and I replied ... a towel impregnated with gel beads of sun cream that break when you wriggle about on it ...

po, May 16 2011

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strine [hippo, May 17 2011]

http://users.tpg.co...bev2000/strine2.htm [hippo, May 17 2011]


       When you say //said in an aussie accent//, are you meaning the Jamesian, the Harrisian, or the Humphritic dialect?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 16 2011

       This could be brilliant.
blissmiss, May 16 2011

       You need to translate your idea into Strine (the native language of the Australian people - see links) - what you're talking about is essentially a "Bitch tall kev din sank rim".
hippo, May 17 2011

       Also this would be helpful for those who have difficulty getting the anal lubricant in the right spot when they are alone.   

       Yes, an idea that has many applications.
tatterdemalion, May 17 2011

       [MB] Paul Hoganian
po, May 17 2011

       OK, I've tried saying "sun cream" in full-on Hoganian. It still doesn't do anything amazing.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 17 2011

       Better than moon cream, which was a total bummer.   

       applying it to the wrong places, fries?
po, May 18 2011

       //moon cream//...Undoubtedly, he just used the wrong variety of cheese, mate.
jurist, May 18 2011

       //"Bitch tall kev din sank rim".//   

       I tried saying that aloud... it sounds a bit like a South island Kiwi accent.   

       You've all been watching too much Neighbours, I think. Sun cream is only applied when your kindergarten teacher is looking. The rest of the time you take the sunburn or stay in the shade.
infidel, May 19 2011

       I don't regard any of those people as Australian, [MB]. Clive James is a pom, through and through; Rolf Harris is an embarrassment to whatever country he happens to be in and Barry Humphries is a sad, confused, pathetic old queer with delusions of humour.
infidel, May 19 2011

       we'll have Rolf - he's become a national treasure imho.
po, May 19 2011

       Years ago, Meat Loaf was a guest on the sofa of some UK breakfast show, when they had Humphries, as Dame Edna, joining them via satellite linkup. Meat Loaf started at the screen for a while, as Edna and the presenters did their bit, and suddenly exclaimed, "THAT'S A MAN!" Amused me greatly.
friendlyfire, May 19 2011

       //Rolf is nothing but genius.//   

       I beleive that I speak for the whole of Australia when I say:   

       "You can have him then."
Custardguts, May 19 2011

       perhaps you could explain why he appears to be such an embarrassment to your countrymen when to the UK he is an accomplished artist and musician and animal lover - what's not to love?   

       oh of course! you are still stuck in the 60's and the rest of us deny remembering that - what? oh yes, a decade... aussies wouldn't know culture if they fell over a petri dish.   

       & I beleive I don't speak for anyone.
po, May 19 2011

       lovely young things squirming on towels in bikinis (+)
Voice, May 19 2011

       // animal lover//
I think you'll find that's your problem, right there. Starting with the Scots Terrier that's been mating with his chin for the last 40 years.

       Nor do I find it surprising that when the English think of culture the first thing that springs to mind is a petri dish. From what I've seen of your people, from top to bottom, a bit of soap and bleach wouldn't go astray.
infidel, May 20 2011

       I'm an Aussie and I like Rolph. He's a bit camp and odd, but there's nothing wrong with that. He's also highly talented. So there.
spidermother, May 20 2011

       well said that woman!
po, May 20 2011


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