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Anti-Glug OJ Box

Say Goodbye To Tragic Spillages
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We all know that orange juice "glugs" when you pour it out of one of those cardboard cartons, and ineveitably spills every where if rushed. We also all know that we can avoid this problem by punching holes in the top of the carton, allowing air to enter as the juice is poured, and hence reducing spillages and promoting smooth juice flow.

However, surely we can have the small holes built in, removing the need to punch holes in the top with a pair of scissors.

I suggest either holes which are opened when the spout is opened (i.e. near the plastic opening thing) or a separate opening mechanism covering the holes. This could be just a piece of peel back foil, or equivelant.

chard, Oct 28 2002

Tropicana http://www.tropican...ics/purepremium.gif
The carton on the right generally eliminates glugs... [NickTheGreat, Oct 04 2004]


       Baked in UK. OJ cartons with two holes under the plastic flap.   

       Looking for link....
Mayfly, Oct 28 2002

       Anyone who has spent any time around a paint store or gas station knows that you pour asymetrical containers (like paint thinner, kerosene, gas cans, and even OJ) over the top. That is, by counter-intuitively pouring across the girth of the container, you allow the liquid to flow at a steady and unobstructed rate. You can also usually avoid this problem by just refraining from pouring too quickly so that the air and liquid are displaced evenly. Or was this (glug,glug) a diabetic emergency?
jurist, Oct 28 2002

       I was expecting some sort of encapsulation chamber for OJ Simpson.   

       Punching holes in OJ cartons surely adds to spoilage? If you get Tropicana-style tall cartons with the screw top, you generally don't get the glug as pouring the juice at such an angle that would prevent air entry causes too high a juice flow and an inevitable spillage. These are of a pretty good design, really.
NickTheGreat, Oct 28 2002


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