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individual jiggers

A jigger (or shot) of alcohol in a single packet.
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The little airline bottles of alcohol could be taken one step further. Individual packets of alcohol, like fast-food mayonaise packets, would have exactly one (or maybe 1/2) shot of your favorite spirit. This would facilitate quick and easy drink creations and would be extremely portable.
etrigan, May 23 2000

TotPaks http://www.totpak.co.za/main.htm
Months later, I find them. Apparently they must be native to South Africa, after all. [cswiii, May 23 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Seems like alcohol isn't viscous enough for foil packets. How about putting it in those plastic ampoules that some drugs come in? You would just break off the top and pour.   

       How about this: the ampoule could be like the cartridge at the bottom of a can of Guinness, only you put it in a can of tonic and fill it with Gin or Vodka. (Fresher taste that the canned cocktails they already sell in eastern Europe.)
KellyMC, May 23 2000

       What about gelcaps? Wouldn't even need to mix a drink: just pop a few. Wasn't this the basis for the "instant wine" I remember from a few years ago?
rmutt, May 24 2000

       Baked. A friend of mine from South Africa came to the states, a few years ago. In his duffel bag were about 100 little sachets of various rums and vodkas... made the summer go by a little bit easier...   

       However, it's true that I've never seen these sold in America. We prolly have blue laws against em or something. Or maybe some lobbying group. *grumble*.
cswiii, Jul 14 2000

       Uh, aren't the minibottles good enough?
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       In the UK we have Sidekicks which are a shot of different flavour Schnapps in a plastic shot glass, with a lid sealed on. Kind of a similar idea i guess. They also have slots in the bottom of the glass so they can sit on the side of a pint glass
La-La, Jan 27 2002

       wel, thats the english fer you
po, Jan 27 2002

       Sidekicks are only one of many marketing ploys used in England to cut down the time actually spent drinking and maximize how pissed you can get. Every time I go into my local off-licence there is a different wee funny coloured glass of something else called Dynamte, or Mule Kick or something, usually a white spirit. Disgusting.
mcscotland, Jan 27 2002

       A widget.
mighty_cheese, Jan 27 2002

       Don't drink white spirit. You'll go blind. Or die with an incredible headache.   

       Buy your drinks in larger quantities and save on packaging.   

       Also, a jigger is the device used to measure out a shot of drink.
Loris, Aug 10 2002

       Well, I live in South Carolina, where all bars and restaurants can only sell liquor in mini-bottles. It's expensive, hard to stock, and a big headache (especially if you drink enough of them!). As soon as we go to "free pour," the airlines will have a hard time finding suppliers.
JohnnyOnTheSpot, Oct 05 2002

       <Will Smith, circa 1999> na na na na na na na..... na na na na na na... gettin' jiggy with it.... </Will Smith> ... sorry, had to do that.
Cedar Park, Feb 23 2003

       [Telllll] piss off with your advertisements - its not what the hb is about. we have your number.
po, Feb 23 2003

       tellllll was here before with his advert - keep up !
po, Feb 23 2003

       Wish they sold beer in theatres in Canada. It would certainly make sitting through a kid’s movie a bit more enjoyable. (Heavy sigh)   

       2fries: You know you're on the wrong page, right? Although, smuggle some rum TotPaks in and buy yourself a coke & problem solved.
Worldgineer, Feb 23 2003

       I, um. Oops.
No wait. I - I meant jiggers of beer. Yeah that's it. Jiggers.


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