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Boxed Bubbly

Champagne and sparkling wine by the box
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If you’re all by your lonesome on New Year’s Eve or following a ditto resolution to limit your spumante to a glass a day, this 3-liter, aluminum box with rounded corners is the perfect packaging for your purposes.

The reusable box, that can maintain a pressure of six atmospheres, has in addition to the usual plastic wine bag and tap, an enclosed carbon dioxide canister and pressure valve. As a glass of champagne is drawn, more CO2 is bled between the bag and the box to keep the wine fresh and bubbly. When the box has been emptied and returned, the tap with bag and canister-valve is removed and replaced as a unit, before refilling. As a last necessary detail, a cork is pressed into the spout.

FarmerJohn, Oct 01 2002


       Love the idea, just not sure how one summosn the willpower not to quaff the lot at a single sitting - willpower patches, maybe ?
8th of 7, Oct 02 2002

       Yes, nice. Slight downside: it would take some of the fun out of F1 victory parades, or that scene in Wild Things. Backpack mounted champagne sprayers, not so bad? Good for students?
General Washington, Oct 02 2002

       Too good for students.
calum, Oct 02 2002

       I currently have three opened, partially consumed, by now, flat, bottles of Asti in the fridge. Too lazy to pitch. This would be much better and the bubbles would pop and sputter and spatter far longer.
blissmiss, Oct 02 2002

       Since I dumped on [FJ] for his paraboloid-dribbling-hovering-comma-overloaded-whatsit idea, I've decided to give him a fair shake and read through all his ideas. This one gets a bun! Boxed wine has its place--it's a great way to get an occasional glass of cheap plonk and keep it fresh. What could be better than an occasional glass of bubbly. Besides, I can never fit a half-finished bottle in my fridge anyway.
TheJeff, Jul 08 2004

       see you next week then, TheJeff
po, Jul 08 2004

       My grandfather has the amusing habit of buying boxed wine, then pouring it into nice looking bottles. Although, for passing around a table, a bottle is a lot nicer and easier to handle, and he doesn't make any attempt to disguise this, so it's actually not a bad idea.
5th Earth, Jul 09 2004


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