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Board of Medical Examiners reform

People should have the right to have their names revealed if they desire.
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In Arizona (probably many or all other states), it is against the law to reveal the name of a patient in a complaint against a physician. This falls under the confidentiality concept. But if the patient wants his name revealed so that he may be contacted by other patients with similar complaints, or lawyers, or the media, she should be able to indicate that his records are open to review. The doctor does not have a right to confidentiality.
NotSoQuick, Aug 31 2003


       [marked–for–deletion]: let's all / advocacy.   

       [NSQ]: Please read the Help section under the Meta heading to the left.
Cedar Park, Aug 31 2003

       Are you referring to:   

       advocacy - the idea is a commentary on an existing, often widely discussed, issue dear to the author's heart. This includes ideas to kill, jail, or tax all people who do X; as well as suggestions to teach X in schools, give tax credit to people who do X, make X a precondition for voting, marriage, or immigration, or put some person or subject X on a stamp or bank note.   

       I don't think this is relevant. There aren't that many people who have malpractice problems but this is not an advocacy issue dear to my heart.
NotSoQuick, Sep 01 2003


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