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Anti-Mosquito Bird Bath

Cleans birds, kills bugs
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Bird baths can be a nice addition to one's yard, but standing water is an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. To solve this problem, a bird bath could be designed with a small chamber at the bottom, covered by a screen that mosquito eggs will fit through but bird feet won't. At the bottom of this chamber is a turbine that grinds up anything that falls in. Any mosquito eggs laid in the bath fall in and get mashed up, while birds are unharmed due to the protective screen.
Bukkakinator, Jun 26 2008

(?) floaters http://kohm.org/blo...culex_sp_larvae.png
[r_kreher, Jun 27 2008]

Copper Coated Car Tyres Copper_20coated_20car_20tires
early Bungston, all good stuff. [calum, Jun 27 2008]


       Why not just have it "flush" at night ? That way, the birds get fresh water every day, and the skeeter eggs end up in the drains (via the mincer).
8th of 7, Jun 26 2008

       Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't mosquito eggs float?
pertinax, Jun 27 2008

       That will just attract Herons .... change title from Bird Bath to Bird Feeding Pond
8th of 7, Jun 27 2008

       // That will just attract Herons .... change title from Bird Bath to Bird Feeding Pond//
..and cats of course, [8thof7], don't forget the luvverly cats that would be attracted.
gnomethang, Jun 27 2008

       [+] actually, larvae DO float. <link> Say. perhaps you and your neighborhood buddies could get together and bukkanate them? THAT oughta suffocate them wascally wabbits!! (count me in!!)
r_kreher, Jun 27 2008

       Two American pennies or other copper-containing coins in it will make the problem go away.
Voice, Jun 27 2008

       The key phrase is "standing water," a small inexpensive pump provides enough water circulation to prevent the eggs from hatching, any wrigglers that mite hatch can't float at the top and breathe.I have made and one can purchase bird baths with such a pump in "a small chamber at the bottom, covered by a (filtering) screen." The pump outlet can be attached to bubbler or a small decorative fountain, and moving water is more attractive to birds. BTW these pumps ARE turbines, mebbee some grinding does occur. You could use ground mosquito larvae to stretch out hamburger.
notmrjohn, May 01 2012

       You're absolutely right about the circulating water (it will prevent a few types of algae and bacteria from building up as well, though not all), but turbine pumps have no 'grinding' properties unless designed that way, and then are usually called 'macerator pumps' or something to that effect.   

       [nmj], good input, welcome to HalfBakery. Add your madness to the collective insanity.
Alterother, May 01 2012


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